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Well, tonight is the ever fun transfer call! It’s crazy that in total I have been here in Soldati for nine months now. Its been a long time but its also been a very fun time. I guess we will see what happens with the call tonight!

This week went well. Tuesday the Elder D. Todd Christofferson of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles came to speak with us as a mission. Is was really cool because it was really just an opportunity to ask him questions. I think my favorite part was at the end when he bore his testimony of Jesus Christ. It is really awesome to hear a member of the Quorum of the Twelve testify of Christ…a really powerful experience.
Other then that it was pretty much a normal week. We were able to find a couple people who seem to have a real potential in progressing so that is always exciting. Also another big thing was that yesterday Oscar received the Aaronic Priesthood! That is a huge step for the Cortez family! They are doing great by they way, Oscar still doesn’t wear Sunday clothes to church but that doesn’t seem to be stopping him jaja.
 Here are some pictures of the Cortez’s wedding and baptism.  I hope everyone has a great week back home!

Elder Justice


Well, how else am I going to finish a great week here in the work of the Lord except it be with a baptism! Carolina’s baptism went off without a hitch Saturday, she was really excited. Honestly, our whole experience teaching her was so easy…just another daughter of God wanting to come closer to Him. Throughout the whole process we really didnt have trouble with anything. Sometimes that in itself is a great experience.

The Cortez family is doing well. The plans for the wedding on Friday are pretty set. Oscar says he is going to show up to the wedding in nothing more then his underwear…we will see what happens jaja. They are also working towards their goal of baptism this Saturday. They are done with the cigarettes and alcohol but it was a pretty tough thing for them to do. To put it into perspective, about a month ago Romina was smoking 25 cigarettes a day, now she is really putting an effort into not even smoking one. Some prayers from you all back home would really help them put their addictions behind them for sure 😉

Other then that it was work as usual for the most part, we had a pretty fun family home evening with Carolina and Felica the night before the baptism making tacos. They turned out pretty good as well! I hope everybody has a good week!

Elder Justice


soldati-wedding bells!!

Well, sorry I didn’t get an email out last week. I was pretty dang tired. We played soccer as a district for a couple of hours in the morning and that had me pretty beat. We had a good week last week, we set in stone the marriage date for the Cortez family. They are going to get married on the ninth of next month. The ward is really rallying around them too, which is a pretty neat thing to see.

As of right now we are working with the both of them so that they can stop the whole smoking and drinking thing. For Oscar (the dad) its pretty easy, but for Romina (the mom) its a little bit more difficult. She is making some very good progress though…she has dropped from smoking 25 cigarettes a day to only smoking 30 in one whole week! My comp and I are so proud of them both for the effort that they are putting in to stop these habits.

So, yesterday in our Gospel Principles class I had a pretty cool experience. We were talking about our eternal family and about why we were here on this earth during this specific time. I testify that we are here for a reason, our Heavenly Father knows us perfectly. He knows what we are capable of because He saw us do great things before we came to this life. That is why He sent us at such a crucial time. He being our perfect Father in Heaven loves us with a perfect love that us…as human beings, we cannot even start to understand. The Cortez family, mainly Oscar, came up to us after the class and told us, after learning those simple yet powerful truths, everything about this life seems to have a little bit more clarity. These type of tiny experiences, I will treasure for the rest of my life.

I love what it is that I am doing here. I get this weird feeling in my stomach every time I think about how fast the time has gone by. Five more months is all I have left. I am giving it all I have though and we are starting to see how the hand of the Lord plays a role in his own work. I hope everyone has a good week. Keep the Cortez family in your prayers for us!

Elder Justice

soldati-happy 2018!

Well, week one of 2018 in the books! Man time flies when your having fun. This week Elder Gonzalez and I dedicated a lot of time to finding new people to teach and we ended up talking to a lot of people!

The Cortez family is making real progress. After Maia and Lara´s baptism, the heart of the father seems to have opened up a little bit because he agreed to get married in about a month. It’s really a blessing to be help this family come closer to our Savior Jesus Christ. The father at the moment is still a little hesitant about the whole marriage idea so you can imagine that every time we pass by to teach them, we are constantly sharing something about the family.

It’s awesome to see the importance that the Church puts on families. There are so many different statements, doctrines, and proclamations that the Church has about the importance of the family in the gospel of Christ. I am so grateful for the wonderful opportunity that I have had to help the Cortez family come to that same realization a little at a time.

Transfer calls come in tonight so we will see what happens. I have a feeling that I am on my way to my next area but anything could happen. I hope everybody has a good week!

Elder Justice


soldati-merry Christmas

Hey che, ¿como anda?

This week went good! The temperature is starting to pick up a little bit as well as the humidity, but that doesn’t seem to slow Elder “Gonzo” and I down that much.

This week, we were able to see the Cortez family (a family we have been teaching for about two weeks now) in church! To start out, they just came to the third hour which is sacrament meeting here in Soldati. Even though they only went for the last hour I think they were really able to get something out of it. This week we are going to see if the parents are ready to get married. I would love to see them get married, they are one of the best families that I have come to know here on my mission.

This time of year is definitely pretty cool here in the mission. Throughout the entire mission there seems to be just a different type of excitement that has all of the missionaries pretty hyped. This week as a mission we found about 700 new investigators, an all time high for the mission. I have to say that I am a pretty happy missionary these days!

Merry Christmas everyone!

Elder Justice


Well, there was a lot that went on this past week…but to save you all from having a ton of stuff to read, I will just tell you all about the best part. So, a couple of weeks ago I told you all a little bit about a very special man Jorge that we were teaching. Yesterday, Jorge was confirmed a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. The story that goes along with that is what I am going to consider a great miracle.

Just to give you  a quick reminder, Jorge is an investigator that we had been teaching for a couple of weeks now. Sadly, he has a cancer that is slowly killing him… it was necessary to remove one of his kidneys as well as an entire rib. Despite it all, he was really receptive to the teachings that we provided. Due to his delicate physical situation however, baptism was always a touchy topic. About two weeks ago, after having a really powerful lesson with him, we planned his baptism for the ninth of December. In between that time, he needed to make sure he was physically able for the baptism while Elder Gonzalez and I made sure that he was spiritually nurtured and he understood what we were teaching him.

Fast forward two weeks and its the day of the baptism, 3:00 is the scheduled service. My companion and I pass by his house at about 10:30 and Jorge is no where to be found. We knock the door, call him on the phone, ask the neighbors…no one knows where he has gone. We went along our way praying for a miracle and then at 1:00 we got the call from Jorge. He had called his brother to take him to get a couple things done before the baptism…he would be there on time. What a relief that was.

The service was great! Due to his physical condition, we filled the font to the top and then brought a seat into the font so that he could sit down while a member performed the ordinance. I went in to assist with lowering him into the water…it was a pretty neat experience.

Well in turns out that Jorge had given it all he had to make it through the baptism and right after the service was taken to the hospital by his brother for all the pain that he was in. The doctors helped him but told him that on Sunday at 12:00 they would pass by to take him to the hospital where he would be carefully watched over for the rest of the time that he has on this earth.

At 11:00, Sunday morning Jorge was confirmed a member of the Church and received the Holy Ghost as he laid in his bed, too sick to move. An hour later, he was moved to an ambulance and then carried to a hospital.

On his way out he looked to my companion and I and told us thanks for all that we had done for him in a truly difficult time of his life. He then told us how grateful he was for the blessing that he had to be baptized, a member of the true Church of Christ while still on this earth. It was something that I will never forget.

I know that Christ has restored His church once more upon the earth. I testify that Christ lives.  He is our Savior and Redeemer. I am so grateful to be here, especially during this time of year, to share what I know to be true with those willing to listen to my companion and I. I am also grateful for all that my good friend Jorge has taught me in the little time that I had to get to know him. I know that due to that decision that he has made, he will be prepared to enter into the next phase in the Lords plan.

Well that was the miracle of the week, I hope everyone could learn a little something from his story. Have a good week!

Elder Justice


soldati-no letter this week :(


soldati-amazing jorge

Como anda a todos?

Well here we are! Another transfer come and gone. I think up to this point in the mission, this transfer definitely went by fast than any other. They tell me that with my time remaining in the field, its only gonna get faster and faster. I sure hope that’s not the case.

Well, Elder Jones and I had a good week.  We did a ton of contacting in the morning and got to know a bunch of different people from all sorts of situations in life. I honestly love knocking doors. It’s like a game to see whether or not they are gonna let us in on the first contact. It’s honestly the best feeling in the world when the people do let us in so we can share our message with them.

So this week I want to tell you all about an investigator that we are teaching. His name is Jorge and he is about 50 years old. He was recently operated on and they ended up taking out a kidney. He also has cancer and the doctors have given him about 6 months to a year to live. Honestly this man has almost every reason to feel bitter about his situation and hate the world for it. A couple years back he even lost his wife. Yet, this man chooses to see the light in even the darkest of circumstances. Its been a great experience to get to know him. He even wants to be baptized, but he has to wait for his operation to heal up a little bit more. He isn’t really supposed to be walking around yet he walks to church which is a good 45 minute walk for us. For him, it takes about 3 hours to walk that far, he is such an amazing man.

I hope everyone had a good Thanksgiving and that you were all able to reflect on the things we need to be thankful for!

Elder Justice

soldati-the Lord’s work

Hello everyone!

Sorry I skipped out on the email last week. I totally forgot about it for some reason jaja. But just so you all know, last week went well. Elder Jones and I were really busy finding a bunch of people to teach because week before last, we went through all those that we had been teaching and dropped all those that really had no desire to progress. Thats always a hard thing to do as a missionary but its also something that every missionary needs to know how to do. We as missionaries carry a message that is so important to all the world. Sadly, we are still human and there is only a certain amount of time that we have to teach what we know to be true. It all comes down to a wise use of time. We can only help so many people come unto Christ at a time so we have to make sure that those who we are teaching really have a desire and the faith to change their lives and come unto Him.

That was probable one of the greatest things that I realized this week. How important the work is that I am trying to do. At times its a little intimidating, a young man trying to do the Lords work. All that one can do is try their best and pray for help. I hope everyone has a good thanksgiving week!

Elder Justice

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