Hello everyone!!!!

Dang, this has been the weirdest week of my life!!! We got here on thursday and I´ll be straight up with you, it was the longest day of my life. Everything was in spanish and I had no idea what was going on. That plus the fact that one guy had already lost/robbed $60 leaving the airport kinda set me on edge a little. We got here and everyone was so nice but they all spoke spanish so I mean, that was interesting. We can only take pictures outside the CCM on sundays so I did take a couple but not a whole lot. The teachers here are great! I´ve learned more spanish in a week then I have my entire life!! (No offense to anyone that has tried to teach me spanish) The Spirit is so strong here im just so glad I made the right decision to come. Also one other thing. The Gift of Tongues ( El Don De Lenguas) is real!! It is such a blessing in my life at the moment and will be for the next two years I can already tell! We got our first look at the City of Buenos Aires yesterday when we went to get our passports and it was the most insane thing Ive seen in a long time! When I get out in the field I’ll take some more pictures I promise but we weren’t allowed to take anythng when we went yesterday. We had the blessing to attend a session at the temple this morning and I’ve got to say, its amazing how the Spirit works when you are called to serve a mission in another language. The Spirit that I felt today was stronger than any other Spirit that I’ve felt at any other time in my life, and the best part is, I could  understand probably 60% of what was being said! It’s truly a bleesing being here and can’t wait for another great week! Oh!! Before I forget, it reached 0 degrees Celsius this morning!!! That’s the coldest its been all year I guess. I hope everyone has had a great week and look forward to hearing form you guys next week!

Elder (Jimmy) Justice

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