Hello Everyone!

Man…the days feel like weeks and the weeks feel like days here! I mean its definitely been a busy week, don’t get me wrong, its just been busy with all of the same stuff. One little curveball that came our way this week was, all the Buenos Aires Mission Presidents came to visit with us this week! I’ve got to say that President Smith is an awesome man! He brought his wife and two of his kids, a twelve year old son and a fourteen year old daughter. Meeting them just made me want to get out into the field  even though I am no where close to ready as far as language goes. Another pretty big turning point for me this week was, I was able to bear my testimony in Spanish for the first time! I was able to do it before but this time the Spirit bore testimony of the Restoration of the Gospel. I spoke words that I know for a fact I did not know their meaning and even some words that I still have no idea what they mean now, it was truly an amazing experience. This is the last P-day with our latino roommates, its kinda sad. Elders Pieva and Saetieros are really awesome guys even though I can’t understand half of what they are saying most of the time. They fly out Monday morning and are going to Paraguay and Uruguay. Its sad but I know that they’ll turn out to be amazing instruments in the Lords hands and am looking forward to hearing from them while they are out there. Oh…we are going proselytizing on Saturday!!!!  As great as it is here, I defiantly want to get out and try to talk to some people! I cant wait to tell you guys all abut it next week. One question for my Georgia relatives. Is there any reason that i should know an Elder Sultan? He’s here and says he knows the Rocketts and the Tuttles and looks wayyyyy familiar but i just cant place him. he goes out next week as well. our district is the last group of North Americans coming in for a while cause after we go they are starting renovations on the place for like six weeks or something. This weeks been great and its definitely gonna get better!

Talk to you all next week!
Elder Justice

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