Well its been a pretty eventful week since I sent my email last week! For starters, we went tracting for the first time this Saturday and it was great! I’ll tell you more about that later. There was a point where our district of 11 missionaries were the only ones in the entire CCM because all the other missionary left for the field. That was a fun couple of days. We started receiving new missionaries last night and none of them know a word of english. Its really putting our knowledge of Spanish to the test. Other then that, nothing too new has happened this week. Due to the lack of information, I’ve decided to share with you my journal entry from Saturday night after my first experience proselyting. Hope you enjoy!!

07-30-2016 Day18

Saturdays are seriously the best day here at the CCM. We left to go tracting at like 11:30 and got on a bus to ride to our assigned areas. The bus seriously dropped us off at the curb with our map, a sack lunch, and a couple of Book of Mormon´s with phamlets. It was the weirdest feeling ever. We seriously didn’t get more than 100 yards from our drop point when this guy on a motorcycle pulls up and starts trying to talk to us. None of us had any idea what in the world this he was trying to tell us. So, after a while I think he picked up on the fact that there was absolutely no way we were going to be able to communicate and we just said goodbye and walked away. It was a really bad way to start things for the day. Next, we opened up our lunches and tried to get our bearings. Once we kinda knew where we were, we said a quick prayer and started walking. The very first guy we saw after that prayer, we were able to communicate with! It was awesome! His name was Brian. He was repairing the sidewalk when we started talking so we asked him if we could help and of course, he said no. We introduced ourselves as missionaries and asked him a couple of questions. It turns out that he was very interested in our message. Even though he was catholic, just like everyone else is down here, he seemed really open to what he had to offer. In fact, he gladly accepted a Book of Mormon and promised us that he would read the introduction! It was a great feeling. It turns out that he didn’t live in our area so we took his information down to get it to the missionaries that are serving in his area. Before we left, all three of us bore our testimonies. It’s one thing to share your testimony in English to someone and its one thing to bear testimony in Spanish to a mock investigator. But I’ll tell you, it is a entire other experience when you bear your testimony to a true investigator in Spanish. I have never felt the spirit like it before in my life. We all waked away after saying our goodbyes and went on to try to find another person to talk to. Our next big adventure came when we met Cristian. We were just walking down the street and then all of the sudden I got the strongest impression to stop at this certain house and clap outside the gate to see if anyone would answer. I acted on the impression and sure enough he answered! But wait, it gets better. Cristian was way interested in our message and accepted a Book of Mormon. But it doesn’t end there. We went out on a limb and asked him if he would like us to stop by next week for a return appointment and he told us that he would love to set that up!!!!!!! It was a true answer to prayer being able to personally introduce him to the Book of Mormon and then go on to set up a return appointment! A door contact plus a return appointment is practically unheard of here at the CCM! We were way blessed to have this opportunity. Just as we were getting ready to leave, he starts talking about his daughter that passed away two years ago. He asked what our thoughts were so we gave him a brief intro to the Plan of Salvation. We are going in next Saturday with that lesson as our main focus. After that, it was pretty close to start heading back to the pick up point when we saw this old man walking down the sidewalk. And boom!! Another Book of Mormon passed out plus a return appointment! Its seriously crazy! I cant wait when i have to opportunity to just go out and do that every day! It is honestly be the biggest blessing in my life to have this kind of opportunity. Well its time for me to turn in, buenos noches!!
The work here is great! I am so thankful for the opportunity I have to serve my mission at this time. I know that this gospel is true and has the power to change lives. I mean, look at me, not only was I communicating with people who were raised speaking a different language then I, but i was teaching them. I know that was because of the Spirit of the Lord and through him I will be able to become the missionary that He would have me be. I know that I am out here for a purpose and that as long as I stay focused on my work the Lord will bless the people I teach and the people I love. Lastly, he will bless me with all the help I will ever need during my time here. I am so grateful for the opportunity I have to be a missionary for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints.

I hope everything is going well back at home and I love getting all the emails from you guys every week!

Love you all!
Elder Justice