Hello everyone!!

So we went tracting again on Saturday and had our appointment with Cristian. IT. WAS. INSANE!!!!!!!!!!!!! He let us inside his house and we talked for like an hour and forty-five minutes! Well, actually it was more like he talked to use for an hour and thirty minutes and then we tried to understand the questions he was asking. It was a very humbling experience…jaja, but it was great! We talked about the Restoration of the Gospel, the Word of Wisdom and the Plan of Salvation. We promised him there would be more experienced missionaries that would visit him soon so hopefully they do because he really wants to learn more. It’s too bad we are only in each area for two weeks,  we’ll just pray for him as that’s all we really can do. Lets see, something I have wanted to share with everyone that is reading this is the power of prayer. Before I left, I was not someone who thought to pray with my whole heart and soul. But being out here and having to rely on my Lord and Savior so much has definitely changed that. I know for a fact that the Lord hears every prayer we offer him as long as we pray with our whole heart and mind. He will answer them as long as we continue to have faith in him. The gospel is a true source of happiness for us all if we really take its teachings to heart. Sorry I don’t have more to write about, I’ll try to do better next week!

Well I’m a month in with two more weeks to go at the CCM (MTC), I hope everything is going well with everyone back home because it’s sure going great here for me!!

See ya next week!
Elder Justice