Hello everyone!!

First off, happy birthday to my brother Sonny, HAPPY 17th BIRTHDAY MAN!!!!!!! Oh and Zach Im sorry I didn’t give you a shout out two weeks ago so I’ll give you one now. HAPPY 13th BIRTHDAY BIG GUY!!!!!!!!!!!

Okay, so this week was pretty legit. For starters, this will be the last email I send while I´m in the CCM! I head out on Tuesday and then the next Monday is when I´ll be able to write again. So I´m sure I will have plenty to write about by then. We finished the Spanish course here and have basically been reviewing all that we have learned throughout this week. The rest of the learning comes when we go out and use what we know on real investigators and make the tons of mistakes that we are bound to make. So I am sure I told you that after our first three weeks, we got new roommates. At first they were really quiet and stuff, but I am pretty cool with them for the most part. Elder Ryan and Elder Leavitt are not huge fans though. Apparently they snore like lions and keep them awake till like mid-night. Its funny because I don’t ever hear them, all I ever hear is my comps complaining the next morning. Personally I think the new guys are pretty cool.
We did get a new area for proselytizing this past week, and it is wayyyyyyy awesome!!!!!! They dropped us off right in the middle of the city. There was so much going on it took us forever to focus and get to work. Due to our lack of focus we only had like 10 or so contacts. We did actually get into another house this time. It was seriously a pretty cool experience because I could understand pretty much everything he was saying.  The dude loved to talk too. I believe at one point he was talking about the US blockade on Cuba and a bunch of other random stuff. Im pretty sure Trump even made it into the conversation at one point. My problem was, I just didn’t know how to say what I wanted to, so it was pretty hard to steer the conversation back on track. It ended up being that, even though he was Catholic he believed that God was some kind of alien and gave all the the prophets some kind of ability to use all the power over their brain. According to him, this is  what gave Moses the ability to seperate the Red Sea. At this point I had absoulutley no idea what to say, but then out of no where Elder Ryan shares about the power of the Priesthood and how its been restored on the earth and I honestly think that was the best path to take seeing as how Elder Leavitt and I had no idea wha to even say. They invited us back this week for empanandas so we are way pumped for that to happen! This past Sunday was awesome as well. We had our english sacrament meeting where it was just our district (11 people). I blessed the Sacrament in Spanish and I did it without a single mistake so I was pretty excited about that. Then after that we went to study and stuff like that during the day. We had a fireside and then after that we get to watch a movie. This week it was Joseph Smith: Prophet of the Restoration. I´ll tell you right now, if you haven’t seen that movie as of this moment, please stop reading this and go watch that movie. It is such a testimony builder. Truly one of the best movies out there.

Before I close this email I would like to leave you with a short part of my testimony seeing as how my time in the CCM has come to an end. As most of you know, I grew up in the church. I was baptized at the age of eight and then received the Aaronic Priesthood at the age of 12. To me, it was significant but I’ll be completely honest, I didnt really see it as much of a blessing. I saw it more as a “right of passage.” My time here has shown me that the choices that I made early on in the Church were more then just a right of passage, they were a duty, a calling, and a blessing. Trying to learn the Gospel in a different language is honestly like learning it over for the first time. Its nice though because I can see how it all fits together and how it has the power to change peoples lives for the better. My testimony of prayer has also grown a lot as well. It is amazing how much I have been blessed this past month just through prayer alone.  I know with all of my heart that prayer is a way for us to communicate with our Father in Heaven. I know that as we remain worthy sons and daughters of our Heavenly Father that we will be blessed for the time that we spend on our knees in prayer and that our prayers will be answered according to His desire. Through prayer I have become so much closer to my Heavenly Father and know for a fact that he will never abandon me. Serving a mission has so far been up there with the best of decisions I have made in my entire life. I am so excited for the chance that I have to share Restored Gosple of Jesus Christ with the people of Buenos Aires. I know that I have been called to serve for a purpose and that as I continue to work diligently the Lord will bless me, my future investigators, and those that I love back home as well. I leave these things with you in the name of Jesus Christ, Amen.

Well that’s really all for this week! I hope things are going well back home and I cant wait to get out into the field and see what adventures and experiences I run into there. I´ll be back on Moday, wish me luck!
Elder Justice