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Holy cow I honestly don’t even know where to start its been so long! Or at least it feels like it has. I’ll start from the day I left the CCM. We left around 8:00 and toured the city of Buenos Aires. IT IS A HUGE CITY!!!!! There are so many people, places and things its insane! We drove past the “Obelisk” as well, its pretty much exactly like the Washington Monument. I didn’t grab any pictures becuse I packed away my camara. Look it up though, its pretty neat! Then we drove to the place where the land of Sudamérica (South America) was dedicated for missionary work. There was such a great spirit there it was awesome! The Buenos Aires North Mission was the first mission in all of Sudamérica to be opened…lucky me!!!

Then we went to the mission home, after a good lunch and an interview with President Smith, we recived our trainers! My trainer is Elder Sangripanti, he is such a cool guy! He’s from England but he was born in Argentina so he speaks both English and Spanish. He’s the oldest of three and he played rugby before the mission as well! We geat along great! All of the members here love him which is good for me because that means they love me as well! jaja But yeah, he’s a great guy! I’ve already lost count of the number of nights we have had to run home because we were out teaching people for as long as we can. I’m truly blessed to have such a great trainer.

My first area…I am in Villa Soldati. Its a “villa” area. Basically the Villa is a place where over time immagrants from neighboring countries have made their homes from cement and bricks hoping for a better life. Water and electricity is free because the just take it. The streets are dirt…mud if its raining. There are a lot of drugs, robbers and stuff but there are also tons of great and loving people which is the best! There are also dogs…EVERYWHERE! What’s interesting about the Villa is that all of the houses are built on top of one another. There have been a couple cases where we have had to climb these homemade stairs because they are so steep! I love it here though. Its always an adventure. With it being such a rough area its hard to get pictures but I promise I’ll try when I can. If you look up Villa on the internet you can get an idea of what it looks like.

The work here is great! Even though I dont quite understand what’s being said half the time. The spirit is so strong with the people here! We have two or three serious investigators and great members who love to give us references. Its also cool to see members in the ward who are getting ready to serve missions soon. We always have at least one of them out on splits with us. They are absolutly great people.

Just a thought for you guys. In my studies, I have found that there are countless scriptual refrences where the Lord has helped those in need according to their faith. Please do all that you can to increase your faith so that you will be able to see the hand of God in your life because let me tell you, in my one week that I’ve been here, the Lord has always been with me. Whether its helping me with the language or protecting me physically, He has been there. Pray often and dont be afriad to ask for help when you need it.

Okay…thats all I have time for this week. I hope everything is going well back home!

Time to go to work!
Elder Justice


Here is a picture of the “Obelisk”


I also found a picture of “Villa Soldati”…looks like an adventurous place. jajaja