Jimmy’s buddy…Bautista

DSC00161Hello everyone!

Alright I survived one whole week in the field! Man…it was full of work, rain, and dog poop. Its raining right now as I’m writing this and its pretty cold! But all is well and Im enjoying life here in Soldati!

Funny story for you guys this week. So everyday except for Monday we have lunch at the members houses. This is nice cause we usually eat really well, especially on Sundays. This Sunday we had lunch at the bishops house and it was pretty great except for one tiny little part. So, there are two companionships in our ward, there’s the three of us and two other Elders. There was some mix up with our lunch appointment and the members got sad and called the bishop just as we were walking in to have lunch. So, we sat down and they of course started talking in Spanish. I couldn’t understand all that much and was pretty confused so I just sat there quietly and smiled. Bad move…after a while my trainer whispers to me, “why are you smiling, we’re getting roasted right now!” I look at the bishop and he’s just laughing at me. Later on after lunch, everything was explained to me and then I got the picture. That’s just how it is right now, one giant guessing game at times.

Now that Im reading over what I typed, it doesnt sound that funny…Lame. Oh well, it was funny at the moment!

I have to say that this week has been pretty hard, but it’s also been one of my most spiritual. My testimony grows each and everyday out here. I see the way the gospel not only helps me, but more importantly it changes the lives of others as well. I never realized this before but there are people in this world who are searching for just something else in this life, something more. This gospel is what they are searching for, I’ve seen it first hand. There’s a certain look in a persons eyes when they’ve found what they’re looking for. As a missionary who walks through the cold muddy streets, that look in someones eyes is what makes it all worth it. All the blisters, all the soaking wet cold, all of it. It is all worth it when you find that person.

Well I hope everyone is doing well! I’ve gotta get back to work so that’s all for this week!

Elder Justice