Haha Hello once again everyone!!!!!!

Okay, so I have some time today so I’m gonna try to fit a good bit of information in this week. In case you didn’t hear, Im in a trio now. This means that I have two companions. Their names are Elder Sangripanti and Elder Hardcastle. Elder Sangripanti  has been all around the world, it seems like. He was born in Cordoba, Argentina so he’s a citizen here which is pretty cool. Then he moved to Spain for  15 years or so. Then after that, he lived in the U.K. for three years! And now he’s back in his home country serving the Lord! He was my original trainer. Its awesome cause he really helps me learn the language by sticking to speaking Spanish a lot of the time. It’s pretty hard at times but its definitely paying off. Then we have Elder Hardcastle. He´s from the US and has been out for just about a year and three months. He’s a way good cook too, which is awesome! If the pictures load you’ll see the feast we had today! He’s been in the same area for six months now so he knows the area like the back of his hand. He also knows a ton of people here too, which is interesting because lot of the time people move in and out of the villa on a monthly basis. But yeah, those are my companions in a nut shell for ya!

The food here is something else as well. In different parts in the mission you eat a wide variety of different things. Here in the Villa, chicken is very common. Its usually pretty good too! We also get a good bit of Milinesa as well. This is pretty much a thin piece of meat (chicken or if your lucky is some kind of beef) that is breaded and then fried. Its a pretty simple meal, but its also pretty filling. We did get Salchi Papa this one time from a street vender. This is homemade (or street made) fries with a kind of sausage on top! One of my personal favorites. I have yet to have anything too far out of the blue when it comes to the food, but I’ll keep you guys posted because its bound to happen sometime.

As of this moment, we only have two progressing investigators in our area. They are a couple by the name of Cristian and Jessica. They have a 4 year old and a three month old. They love the gospel and they really want to get baptized! They weren’t married, but we finally convinced them that they should, and… They are getting married! It takes a while for the marriage process to take place but if everything goes as planed they should be married by the end of the week! So, hopefully we have a couple of baptisms here pretty soon. Other than that, the work here isn’t going as fast as we would like it to. But we’re trying our best and doing all that we can to find the people that want to hear this wonderful message.

Well, thats all I really have time for this week!  I hope everything is going great back home. We are gonna keep working our tails off out here!

Elder Justice


The trio getting ready to brave the cold and rain


On splits with Elder Wagner


The Olmedo family that lives in the villa

dsc00181Compliments of the chef…Elder Hardcastle