img_2494Well Hello Everyone!

It’s been another week here in Soldati. To start, there has been a pretty big change.
E´Sangripanti got called into the offices on Friday as his new assignment. So now I have a new trainer!!!!!!! E´Hardcastle (the other Elder in the trio before E´Sangripanti left) is taking over my training for now. The change was definitely unexpected because we have transfers in one week from now and usually all of this would just take place then. But I guess he was needed pretty quick, so they pulled him out. E´Hardcastle has been here in Villa Soldati 7 months which is a very long time. So who knows what will happen next week, he could get assignied to a diffrent area and then I would have three diffrent trainers or he could stay and guide me through the rest of my training here!

Lets seeeeeee, oh! Okay so Mom, let me just start by saying that I am okay and that nothing happened to me………….There was a robbery…. it was kind of a lame robbery though. The chico probably had 16-18 years. We were on our way to visit a members house this past Sunday and I spotted him down the street a ways a first. He saw us and he started to follow us. I didn’t say anything  because I didn’t know he was following us at the time. So we turn the corner and knock at the members door, he turns the corner as well and calls to E´Hardcastle, “Hey! can I have your watch .” This was E´Hardcastle’s first time getting robbed, he figured losing his watch was not nearly as bad as losing the pesos he had in his bag. So he handed the watch over and that was that. Not very exciting but it was definitely something new!

We found 6 new investigators this week! This is crazy because honestly we have been struggling to find people lately. They are two families, Familia Gutierrez and Familia Ortencia. They are both just awesome families who seem to be interested in what the Gospel has to offer, hopefully they keep wanting to meet with us this week!

I don’t know if you guys could tell through my emails, but the work in this area is really hard. For the past 3 or 4 weeks we have only had 1 or 2 new investigators that eventually did not want to continue with the lessons. E´Hardcastle says that it is almost unheard of in this mission for an area to go as long without a baptism as we have. However, I was told something in the CCM that I always stuck with me.

“Everything has a solution…It’s true, even during the hardest times, there is a solution to any issue or problem. I think the thing is, sometimes we are so prideful that we want to go alone. Heavenly Father and Jesus are there wanting to help but because we have our free-agency, they  help when we seek them. We too, have to recognize others free agency as well. You will see people that can improve their lives but do not because they want to go it alone. This is a hard thing to see as a missionary and it never gets easier. The true joy is when you find someone who wants to solve an issue or better their life, they show humility and it happens. It always happens! It is an amazing thing to witness, I am so excited for you to see it. The problem is…it takes a lot of work to find that person. So, what is the problem for a missionary? Finding that person. What is the solution? Work!”

This is definitely the case here in Soldati here at the moment. But this is also what me and E´Hardcastle are going to be doing this next week, working our tails off.

I hope everything is going well back home!

Elder Justice