Well hello everyone!!!!!!

Sorry this is a day later than normal, we had a little change of schedule due to transfers. I am happy to announce that I will be blessed to have E´Hardcastle for the rest of my training here in Soldati! Its also kind of funny because this is his sixth transfer here in Soldati, and yes that is a very long time! Let me put it into perspective for you. There are roughly 17 transfers durning the course of an Elders mission. Elder Hardcastle is starting his sixth transfer here in Soldati. He Spent two transfers in his first area and three transfers in his second area. Soldati is only his third area where he is now on his sixth transfer!!!! Usually, an elder only stays in one area for two or three transfers. I’m pretty sure he knows the villa better then he knows his home back in Utah by now. This is perfect for me because I get to learning everything about my area that I can.

WARNING: The next part may be slightly gross but if you want to have some dirt on me for whatever reason please read the next paragraph. It is a very humbling experience to write it btw.

Before I get into the more spiritual part of this weeks email, there is something that I have to give you guys………. The 6 week injury report. Yes, just because I’m a missionary now doesn’t not mean I’m not the same accident prone guy who left Arizona 12 weeks ago. I am still very much that guy. Lets start with my second day in the field. I am sorry to report that on my second day in the field I was diagnosed with what the Elders here in the field call the “Double Dragon”. I will let you all back home figure out the name. Lets just say that when I wasn’t exhausted in bed, I was spend a large amount of time in the baño….not a fun experience. That only lasted about a day and a half though so that was a piece of cake. Then these past couple of weeks were pretty interesting as well. As fun as I am trying to make this for you guys to read back home, I cannot disclose what took place at the hospital…let’s just leave it at that. Just know that yes, there has already been one visit to the hospital but nothing to worry about, I am “A” okay…now. And then on Saturday, I got my first rock thrown at me jaja!! It got me right in the hamstring and left a bruise the size of a quarter jaja. I think this one is my favorite because after it happened I turned around and gave the guys a thumbs up…jaja. They looked pretty cofused after that.

Alright, enough of that, while I am having a lot of fun here, E´Hardcastle and I are really putting in some work in our area. This past week was the 186th Session of General Conference for the Church. Wow, when your out here in the mission, conference becomes way more important and way more spiritually nourishing. All of the Elders in our zone that were from the U.S. crammed into the secretary office so that we could hear the messages of the Latter Day Prophets and Apostles messages in english on the computer. I went into this conference with questions concerning the Spirit because as a missionary, if you dont have the spirit, then it is near impossible to deliver the message of the Restored Gospel effectively. Looking back on it now, what I wanted was a big, grand answer on how to feel the spirit more as a missionary. I had my notebook out and let me tell you, I took more notes at the moment then I took in all my years of high school…whoops. I wrote down everything that stood out to me, everything that I thought would help me. During personal study the next day I looked back at my notes to try and decipher the secret to feeling the spirit as a missionary. As I looked back at it, I came to a conclusion. The answer that I found was not some grand secret that I had not known at the time. It was kind of like the spirit itself, small, quiet, but powerful. It was something that I had known all along, but hadn’t realized its significance. As a missionary, the secret to feeling the spirit is sharing the message of the restoration. Or at least it is for me. And I believe that it doesn’t just stop there. Listen to the prophets counsel and share only your testimony if needs be to a friend or a co-worker. If you are someone who is striving for the spirit to have more of an influence in your life, go out and share what you know and believe. Yes, it can be nerve racking at times. Trust me I know, Im trying to do it in a different language. But when you think you are too nervous or the time isn’t right, remember this, a friend or cow-worker you are thinking about sharing something with is a son or daughter of a Heavenly Father that loves them. Not only that, but they are your eternal brother or sister as well. People need to know these things. If they don’t accept what you tell them or they don’t pay much mind to it, that’s okay. At least you shared it with them. That is great work in the Eyes of our Heavenly Father.

Well, as always life is good here in Soldati. This transfer I am pretty sure I’m gonna get a first look at a summer here in Argentina…oh boy. Ill make sure to keep you guys posted on that! Im glad to hear form everyone back home, love you all!

Elder Justice


Jimmy and his MTC Companion at a Day of Service


Maybe Elder Justice should lay off the double ice-cream to avoid the “double dragon” jajaja