Hello everyone!

Another week has come and gone here in Soldati. This past week was was pretty chill. Nothing too far out of the blue happened. Okay, yeah I’m just sitting here in the internet cafe trying to think of what happened this week and nothing other than the work really took place so I guess I’ll tell you guys a little about that.

The work is coming along. Actually we hit a high point this week…we went to teach a lesson about the Restoration to the family members of our bishop in the ward we are serving in. Its the bishop´s older sister who has known about the church but never really felt like investigating it too much. Well sadly enough, two weeks ago her husband passed away leaving her behind as well as two boys. Her name is Marta, her sons are called Walter (17) and Fabricio (9). After the passing of her husband, our bishop thought it would be good for us to go and meet her and try to offer a word of comfort. Meetings with her were postponed due to conflicts in schedules and all of the normal stuff. Finally, this past Sunday we had the opportunity to go and meet with her and her family. Of course, we had the Bishop come with us because well…why not? For the lesson we brought the movie about the story of the Restoration and Joseph Smith. Now, being family of the bishop, Marta and her family had been exposed to this story and teaching before. I believe other missionaries had even been teaching them before but things just didn’t work out.

On our way to the appointment, our bishop was telling us that something inside his sister had changed and that he believed now she was finally ready to accept the gospel. This was definitely not noticeable during the meeting. While the video was playing, she would get up and start making us food and not really focusing on the video and message. After the video ended we were talking to the three of them and we felt like it was the right thing to challenge them to be baptized. They accepted the challenge and also the challenge to start reading the Book of Mormon as a family. As we left, I was feeling a little uneasy about all of it but prayed that everything would turn out alright.

Today we stopped by the church during our P-Day because they were holding a cultural activity for the youth to raise money so they could go on a trip to another province here in Argentina. And guess who we saw? You guessed it, Marta was there along with her two sons. We enjoyed the food and activities (I busied myself playing basket ball with some of the kids in the ward.) As the activity was wrapping up I was able to talk to Walter and check up and see how things were going. He said they had done exactly what we asked. They had read the first chapter of first chapter of 1 Nephi together as a family that night. He said it was very interesting and that they planned to continue reading one chapter each night and that they were looking forward to meeting with us again on Wednesday. I am being completely honest when I say this, never before in my time here in this area had I heard this after a first visit with anyone. I am getting all excited just writing about it.

So we are planning on working with them the best we can this coming week. I believe that they have a lot of potential. These past couple of days have been a real testimony builder for me, especially concerning the power of the message of the Restoration. Hopefully everything goes well this week!

Sorry there was no funny story this week or anything like that, I’ll try to do a better job at remembering stuff like that next week. I hope everything is going well back home!!!!!!!!

Elder Justice

**Photo**    Me, Elder Hardcastle, Elder Choc, and Elder Leavitt enjoying some bomb Peruvian food form the congo last week. Really good stuff and a lot of it. There must have been like two punds of rice on my plate…jaja