People of the United States of America,

Man, this week seemed to last forever at times but its already over. I think my sense of timing is starting to get thrown off. Looking back on the week, a lot took place but it feels as if it did so all in one day.

Probably the best thing that happened today was the progression of the family that we are currently helping investigate the Church. They have a baptismal date for the 30th of this month but we might have to push it back a week because we still have a lot to teach them. It was really nice to see them at the church this past Sunday. They all have their friends in the ward and really seem to be enjoying themselves. After the church service we had our lunch with the Bishops family and were surprised to find that we were going to have an Asado at Martas house with everyone!!!!!!!!!!!! Alright, let me say that there are a lot of great things about America, but, as I am sure you are aware of, there is always room for improvment. We can start with the beef. I have never seen nor been apart of a meal that has consisted of so much meat. We had about five pounds of sausage, beef, and chicken. All were cooked to perfection over good old fashioned coals. Then we had a potato salad with about a gallon of mayonesa, some homemade bread, and some fruit salad. If you’re wondering, this was my first asado here so I was pretty pumped. And then for desert we had a great discussion with Marta and the bishop about different gospel topics. I am just so glad that they are really progressing in the gospel. Every time we meet with them it seems as if the have that much more of a desire to keep learning about this church.

We have been finding a lot of families as well this past week as well! Recently, we have been teaching a two families that live together in the same house. Neither are married and there are about 7 kids between them. The great thing about this is that both partnerships have a desire to get married!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It’ll be tricky for one couple because the man in the partnership doesn’t have any documents except for his passport and we are pretty sure he migrated here from Bolivia illegally…but we are gonna see if we can get them married anyway! When they aren’t tending to their kids during the lessons, they are really intent on listing to what we have to say and understand the different principles.

We have another family that we teach that is also not married but let me tell you, they are as close to a family as you can get! Its the mom and the dad, two sons (12 and 5) and one daughter (7). My old companion Elder Sangripanti just contacted them on the street and we have been in contact with them ever since. Hortencia (the mom) is great! She constantly reads the LDM and really has desires to learn more. She even has her answer that the LDM is true, which is huge. The son Matias, is almost exactly like his mom. It was pretty interesting because he had to get some teeth pulled the past week so he wasnt really feeling all that well and couldn’t fall asleep due to the pain. So what does he do when he cant fall asleep? He starts to read the LDM….Wow, this shocks me even writing about it. He loves to read it to! He doesn’t understand a good bit of things that are talked about so he makes a list and every time we pass by he brings out his list and we try to help understand things. The Dad investigated the church a little bit before he moved here from Bolivia so he has some kind of background. It’s just hard to get him to read. But when we sit down and talk to him he opens right up and seems to be interested. They truly are a great family that I have high hopes for.

All in all, these are our main focuses at the moment. I think the one thing that they all have in common is the Book of Mormon (LDM). All three of these family are reading the Book of Mormon more or less. As they read it, they want to know more, as they come to know more they become happier.What I will leave you guys with, is a plea to read the Book of Mormon. The power that the teachings have when we apply them to our lives is incredible. All we have to do is open up the book and find them for ourselves.

We are looking forward to another great week here in Soldati! Sorry but I forgot to bring my SD card so no pictures this week, Ill be sure to bring it next week though!

Elder Justice