Hey guys!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Well…we are coming up to the end of another transfer here in good old Soldati. Man the time needs to slow down a bit so I can get my bearings. I am one week away from finishing my training and have been blessed to have had those who have trained me teach me so much in these past 11 weeks. I have learned a lot from them.

This past Sunday the Familia Traveso were confirmed members of The Church, really a cool experience. I was able to confirm Fabricio (has 9 years) a member and wow, it was definitely something else. For starters, I had been praying all week for help with the blessing and when the time came this past Sunday, words and things I should say just filled my mind. Truly a neat experience with the gift of tounges that I have been blessed with as a missionary and as well a huge testimony builder of prayer for me.

Other then that, this week was pretty tranquil (chill or calm in english). Nothing crazy happened, we were working a lot at handing out LDMs and well, hopefully we start seeing the results that the Lord wants us to have here in Soldati. One thing that was a little different was the weather, it is really starting to be summer here. I am not quite sure how hot it is ever but with the humidity, it feels like its 85-90 degrees with like 80-90 percent humidity. Luckily, one of the members run an ice cream shop and always wants to give us like a kilo of ice cream every time we pass by (we pass by maybe like once a week). They are just too nice to us…jaja.

Right now I am wrapping up my study of the Book of Mormon and well, its kinda sad. At this point in time the Nephite people are very wicked and its only a matter of time before they are eventually wiped off the face of the earth. They keep fighting and keep fighting but they just wont put their faith in the Lord. Eventually, this leads to the total extinction of the people of Nephi. Now that I reflect on this, as a missionary, I have seen a lot of the same thing in a way. There are people who we talk to, who tell us that they are interested in learning more about the message of the restoration, who even go back to their homes with a copy of the Book of Mormon in hand, but in their hearts they really have no desire to learn more. Its sad because the key to their happiness is right there in there hands, in the pages of the Book of Mormon. These are nice people too, our celestial brothers and sisters. But for some reason they refuse to take the step of faith and don’t care to learn more. Everyone back home, please remember that the Book of Mormon has the answer to any question that you may have. Remember, God has given us the gift our our own agency and that it is up to us  to use that gift wisely, to bring happiness into our lives. I promise that if you have an earnest desire to come closer to the truth, the solution is within the pages of the Book of Mormon, you just have to take the step of faith to look.

Well, you won’t hear from me again till Tuesday because we have transfers in the coming week so that will be exciting. Well we have another week ahead of us along with some nice  toasty weather. See ya in 8 days!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Elder Justice