Hello Everyone!

So now that I know a little bit more about E`Ortiz…a brief intro, turns out he only has two more months in the mission than I do…that’s pretty fun. We are both working and figuring things out. He is from Lima, Peru and like me, he was born into the Church. This kid pretty much knows the entire Book of Mormon by heart, he’s a stud when it comes to teaching lessons.

Wow, I never knew what an impact a new companion could have on an area. It’s been a really busy week and we have been doing a lot good things here in Soldati. E´Ortiz and I are really working well together. Each and every day we have an insane drive to handout at least five LDMs a day and I am proud to say that there are days we hand out like eight. To be honest, this week was the first time in my mission that we handed out 30 in one week! Man it is such a good feeling at the end of the day returning to the pension with nothing but a couple of pamphlets in my bag when I had left that morning carrying four LDMs.

Just as we were promised by our mission President, we found a lot of people this week because we met our goal of handing out Libros De Mormon. We found at least three families that are interested in learning more…truly grateful for that. We are also trying to include the members more in the work as well now. Sadly enough though, we had two families committed to come to church but for one reason or another they both didn’t make it. But we did have a couple of twins in the ward, who have their mission calls, go by one of the families to try and go to church with them. I was a little nervous at first because I wasn’t 100% sure that they would go, but sure enough they proved me wrong! They passed by and were actually a little late to the first meeting. They seemed to enjoy the fact that we put so much trust in them and are ready to get to know this family a little better in the visits that we have with them next week.

But yeah, we are way busy now and have meetings with people every 30 min which is great. We definitely need to start going on divisions more because we are starting to have those “beautiful problems” where we just have so many visits every day that we need to go on divisions with the members a lot more now. I just hope that the members will follow up when they say that they are going to accompany us. A lot of the times we are waiting for like ten or fifteen minutes for a member and then they don’t show. I think we are going to just stick with the members that seem to be a little more consistent and try to do divisions with them when we can.

The work is going great here and thanks for all the advice that I have received. We are gonna keep working hard with the LDM and pretty soon I know that we are going to start seeing some really good things here in Soldati 1!

Elder Justice