Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

To be honest, I totally forgot about thanksgiving…it was weird. Dinners are not a thing here, so for my Thanksgiving lunch I had a sack lunch of empanadas, some type of melon and a bottle of coke. It was a pretty good lunch, if I do say so myself.😂

This week was pretty eventful…get ready for an interesting email this week. For starters, our apartment is really old okay. Not everything functions quite as it should, we just have to make do with what we have. Well, we were getting ready to go to the district meeting this past Tuesday and the door would not unlock. We were trapped inside our apartment for like fifteen minutes until Elder Leavitt decided to do something. Before I say more, let me say that we live on the second floor of an apartment building. You can probably tell where this is going now. He jumps out the window and hits the ground pretty hard. Nothing bad, he just bruised his heal a bit. Eventually, after about 30 minutes we were freed form our pension. Then, it happened again Thursday but didn’t take us as long to free ourselves.

On a scarier note…there was a shoot-out in the villa this Thursday. We were meeting in the house of the Bishop to discuss the work and as we were leaving, we look down the street and there are two kids, probably no older then myself, firing their handguns down another street. People were going crazy, which they had a right to be because it was right across form a park! Me and my comp just turned and walked down a different street. For Elder Ortiz it was a first, he was pretty jumpy the rest of the day. I have had some time in the villa so for me, it wasn’t all that new. This is the Thanksgiving letter so be thankful that that’s not a normal thing back home.

As you guys saw last week, I bought a Rugby ball and sense then, life has been pretty fun. There was an activity at the church so we went over there to play some soccer and have some fun for a couple hours. I brought the Rugby ball as well. Lets just say that they loved trying to throw the ball around a bit. I also had a lot of fun playing a good bit of soccer today as well. My Comp Elder Ortiz is a freak at it. He can dribble with his feet just as well as an NBA player can dribble with his hands. Its something else for sure.

On the work side of things, we had 8 progressing investigators this past Saturday, but now we don’t have any. Getting people to church is the hardest thing we do all week! Its pretty frustrating but we are just gonna have to keep working at it and eventually it will pay off for the people sooner or later.

Well thats all I really have time for this week,  I think I am gonna end things here. I hope everyone back home had a great Thanksgiving and is looking forward to a great Christmas!

Elder Justice