Wow, my face is a little sunburned and we are two weeks away from Christmas…weird. This is the farthest thing from Christmas ever jaja.

The past week went by fairly well. I was kinda bummed because I was sick and spent a lot of time in the pension but when I was able to be in my area we were able to do some pretty great things.

For starters we have been working with a family of four. The mom is named Marta
and then there are three sons. Ricardo (15) Issac(13) and Diego(11). Its been a very humbling experience getting to know them and teach them the message. We have taught two lessons sitting on the floor because there just wasn’t any other place to sit. Marta is very receptive and from what we can tell, wants to continue talking and learning from us. Ricardo isn’t home a lot so we don’t see him a whole lot. Diego and Issac are studs. Sadly,  only the two youngest ones were able to make it to church with us. Marta has gotten really sick this past week. She’s been in the hospital a lot which means she hasn’t been able to work. When we came by to pick them up for church yesterday we found all of this out. Turn out, she used all the money she had to pay  the rent and now they don’t  have any food in the home.

We went to church with the two boys and they seemed to like it! We also talked to out bishop about this family’s situation and he said he would think of something to help. Right after church,  I was talking to the young mens president in the ward and he told me that he and the Bishop were going to leave right away to drop off some food for the family. I didn’t know this at the moment, but they were buying this food with the money they had in their pockets. I know it meant a lot when people did that kind of stuff back home, but it seems to have a new definition to me here. As a missionary, it was very reassuring to me to know that the ward here does more than it’s part here. It also showed me that the people who will be converted in this area will be well looked after not only by the missionaries, but also by the ward.

Its been a crazy week but its just another week in the life thats for sure. I am excited to see what the coming week has in store for us here in Soldati!

Elder Justice