Well I hope everyone had a great Christmas week back at home!

First things first…what a great experience being able to talk to the family back home. Truly the best Christmas present ever.

It was a rainy week here in Soldati which means a lot of humidity and all that fun stuff. It was even raining this past Christmas Sunday, but that didn’t stop our investigating family from coming to the one hour long church meeting we had  Sunday. They called a taxi and rode up there on their own. That was really a good thing to see. The members really did a good job at making them feel welcomed as well.

Well, I am short on time and you might be wondering why I am writing on a Monday. The way we do transfers was changed and we got the call early this morning. I am heading to provencia to start working in the area Campana 2. This area is wayyyyyyyy different. I will be riding bikes and the area is much larger. So yeah, as you can probaly tell I am really excited to get out there. It’s pretty far away too, I think about a two hour car ride. Well, that’s all I really have for this week. See you in another week!

Elder Justice