Happy New Years everyone!!!!!!!!!!!!

I hope everyone had a blast this past New Years. As I told everyone last week I am here in Campana 2 now. Before I get ahead of myself let me start from the begining.

So, I called a remis which is an unofficial taxi to make the two hour trip to the new Zone. It was a pretty quiet ride, so I looked out the window a bunch. I fell asleep for a little bit and when I woke up, I thought I was in different country. There were fields that just went on forever. I asked the driver where we were and he told me, “Bienvenidos a Provincia” (Welcome to Provincia). It was wayyyyy different. After another thirty minutes we made it to the new stake center where I met my new companion, Elder Lyman. He’s pretty dang chill if I do say so myself. He’s from Texas and has about a year and a half in the mission. This is only his second transfer here so we are both kinda learning the area together which is always an adventure…jaja.

Campana 2 is a huge area…I mean really huge. The bikes that the Elders were using a while back got robbed and I guess President doesn’t want to replace them. So somedays when we have to go to other parts of the area we have to wait like two hours for a bus to pass by. But that’s just how it is. Also out here in the Provincia everyone is from Argentina. This means that everyone is white. I didn’t know that Argentine people were white until I got here…another big change for me jaja. Its also a lot more tranquilo here too, so I think I will be able to get a lot more pictures to you guys each week from now on jaja.

Camapana gets really hot too…like insanely hot. I am pretty sure after we finish up writing we are going to go buy hats to protect us from the sun jaja. That’ll make for some pretty cool pics, that’s for sure.

The ward here is pretty neat as well. There are usually only about 70 members that attend each week, so its a good bit smaller. We don’t have to pay to do our laundry anymore which is nice because a sister in the ward does it for us every week (bless her heart!). And all the members know were the apartment is so they also swing by in the night time to drop off food and stuff like that…a really cool ward.

The area is a little bit more rich and the people are not quite as humble here so I am having to adjust my style of teach to adapt with the change in personality. I remember something that my old district leader told my when I was on divisions with him in Villa 1114. He told me to never forget to be loving, but to also be bold with the people if needed. Our jobs as missionaries is to not only share the wonderful message of the Restoration with the people, but to also call them to repentance in a loving, caring way. Elder Lyman and I both agree that that might come in handy here in Campana so we will see where that gets us in the coming week.

Well I hope everyone keeps up with their new year resolutions that they all made and I wish you all the best of luck in the coming year!

Elder Justice