Well let me just start this weeks email off by saying, that I don’t think that I have sweat more in my life then I did this past week. It was wayyyyy hot and wayyyy humid. But that didn’t stop me and Elder Lyman from working really hard this past week.

This past Saturday was completely crazy. We had a day set up to go on splits with two members of the ward but them one of them fell through at the last minute so we were all thrown off. Then, to top it off our lunch cancelled on us so we were really scrambling. We ended up going to lunch at the Bishop’s house and when we left we walked across this giant field. I don’t know what happened next but I mis-stepped and rolled my ankle so bad! Its still really sore. So, I just kind of sat there in unbelief a little bit and then limped my way around for the rest of the day. About two hours later we were walking down the sidewalk and these dogs started chasing us! There was so much adrenaline running through my body that I was able to run as if I hadn’t rolled my ankle at all and actually kicked one of the dogs in the face to keep him from biting me! After we escaped the dogs and the adrenaline was gone, my ankle was killing me! Saturday was really just a crazy day for us.

As far as craziness goes, thats about it for this week. I am happy to say that we are looking forward to having a baptism this coming Saturday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Her name is Candela. The missionaries  baptized her two older brothers a while back and now she wants to get baptized. But it doesnt stop there. Her parents aren’t married so they have never really been able to progress, but recently they  received all the paperwork necessary to apply for a marriage license. They can finally start progressing! The change and the work that they have put into this has really been a testimony builder to me. It’s truly been a blessing to be able to get to know them and help them learn more about what their Heavenly Father wants for their family and to see them apply all they have learned in their lives.

I hope everyone has a great week back home!

Elder Justice