Hello Everyone!!!!!!!!!!!!

Well, where do I start this week? Just a preview of what happened to start things off, there was an official change in the way the mission is run around the world and we had a baptism here in Campana. I will save the best for last, I will start with the world wide mission change.

This past Wednesday, there was a world wide mission broadcast that talked a lot about teaching the topic of repentance and baptizing converts into the church and not just people that will go inactive after  a month or so of assisting. I really learned a lot from that and am looking forward to putting in practice all that was talked about. Then they moved to the changes that would be taking place all through out the world concerning our schedule. Now, we don’t have fixed times do do anything so we just plan in the morning what we are going to that day and go do it. Its nice because right when we get home at 21:00 we can pretty much just go to bed if we want. They also added two more hours to p-day, so thats pretty sweet! We all met at the church this morning and played some rugby, it was so fun!

We also had Candelas baptism this week. It was my first time actually performing a baptism and I am never going to forget it. We had the baptism at 19:00 at the church and we weren’t expecting a whole lot of people to come but we were wrong on that one. A lot of people ended up showing up and Candela was really happy about that. Right before the baptism Elder Lyman and I sung “I Like to Look for Rainbows”  in Spanish and I was fighting to hold back tears. It was while I was singing that song with my companion that I realized that I was really doing the Lords work here in Campana. Then I started thinking about Candela and her family. I have seen the Gospel completely change their lives. During our time working with them, the Father has found work so that he could provide for his family and is continuing to work towards being able to quit smoking. The mother has had a change of heart, before she completely rejected the elders and now listens to us and the Spirit so intently. One of the little boys had an interview with the Bishop to receive the Aaronic priesthood. Now, Candela has the opportunity to start following the footsteps her two older brothers that were baptized before her. All in all, the family has had a complete 180 degree change in their life.

I have been so blessed to have been able to see this and be a part of their conversion. But our work is not over with this family yet. The parents have settled on finally getting married and have a marrige date for sometime in March. They have the goal of the temple in their sights and are working hard to make that goal a reality. I know that this gospel is the best source of happiness in this life. I know that The Church of Jesus Christ has been restored to the earth, I am so blessed to have the opportunity to share this message with my brothers and sisters here in Argentina.

I hope everyone has a great week back home!!!!!!!!!

Elder Justice