I guess Elder Justice did not have time to write to the blog this week. He did write to his Mom and Dad though 🙂  Here is a piece of what he wrote to his Dad….


All of the youth (12 kids in total) went to EFY last week and Sunday they all bore their testimony’s. It made me think back to my times at EFY…I thought back to my second year there and about when you picked me up at the airport. I remember…I was telling you all about it and how strong I had felt the spirit and just what a great experience I had. You listened to all of it, and then I remember you telling me that I need to remember all that I was feeling at that time…how happy I was, how strong I was feeling the spirit, all of it. You told me to remember all of it and remember what it was that I had to do to feel like that. I don’t think I ever forgot how I felt that afternoon coming home in the car, what I forgot was what I had to do in order to feel that way. But I have figured it out again, and it doesn’t matter how wet, cold, or tired I am, I come home feeling that same thing I was feeling so long ago. The difference between then and now, is that the habits that I have developed are a part of my life. I can’t sleep without giving thanks to my Heavenly Father…I have to read the Book of Mormon every day even if it’s just a verse.

Elder Justice