Whoah, where did the time go…

Sorry I didn’t get to write an email last week. The computer place closed early for some reason and really through the whole day off. From what I remember, last week went really well. But this week has definitely been a lot more interesting.

So we had transfers last Monday and Elder Lyman and I didn’t really think anything of it. He only had two transfers in the Campana and I only had one so we both thought that we were both gonna stay here. But thats not what happened at all…Elder Lyman got called to another area and I was to stay here in Campana. They also told me that I was going to train a new elder…that was a really big surprise! After I received the call from the Zone Leaders telling me that, I was really just shocked for the rest of the day. I didn’t feel anywhere close to ready then and I still don’t feel ready to do it as I am writing this email!

So, at 8:00 the next morning we went to the stake center and I dropped off Elder Lyman and was a temporary companion of Elder McBride who is like one of my best friends in the mission. We hung out for a couple hours that morning and then made the two hour trip to the mission home at about 15:00. When we got there, we had a quick little talk with the assistants about our responsibilities as trainers. After that, we waited for the signal and then walked into the main room of the mission home to meet the new missionaries. There were 15 new missionaries in total…it was weird being there as  I was in the same spot just seven months ago. Seeing them, brought back some memories to tell you the truth.

After all the trainers took their seats some other things were explained to the new group of Elders and then the new companionships were announced. I was so excited when they finally announced who I would be training. I am training Elder Esquite from Guatemala! He is one cool guy too to tell you the truth. He is 20 years old and is the only member in his whole family. This Elder has a powerful testimony and I cant wait to see the progress he is going to make in the next couple of weeks.

Well with all the changes that have been going on I do not really remember a whole lot of what actually happened this week. I promise I will do better job at remembering the details of this coming week so I have more to write about. Hope everyone has a good week!!!!

Elder Justice


Ice-cream day!!


Adios Elder Lyman!!