Wow…we had a really crazy week this week.

So Tuesday, Elder Esquite went on a zone wide division and was in Zarate until Wednesday morning. So, after I  picked him up, we went to visit one of our investigators scheduled for 14:00. We were going to visit Beatriz and her Father who both had baptismal dates and everything so we were pretty excited to get to talk to them again. Well, we get to the door  the Dad came out to talk to us. I could tell immediately that something was a little different. As we talked I figured out what it was…they had been talking to other members of their extended family and had reached the decision that they would be attending a different church as a family. Elder Esquire and I did the only thing we could do at that moment,  was shared our testimony of the Restored Gospel with him. I bore mine first and then while Elder Esquite was bearing his, I noticed a man was standing near by. I figured he was going to talk to Beatriz´s father after we finished talking. After about five minutes we said our goodbyes and turned to leave a little saddened.

I kid you not, not five seconds after we turn away I hear this “whap!” and sort of a grunting sound. I turned around and found that the man that I thought was waiting to talk to the father of Beatriz was not waiting for him… he was waiting for us! He  whacked Elder Esquite in the face with a piece of bamboo…hard. He wasn’t bleeding or anything but I could tell it hurt him a lot and I was really mad, but not nearly as mad as Elder Esquite was. Between the time it took for me to turn around and the time it took to realize what had happened, time just seemed to pause for a second. My first instinct was to tackle this man who had hit my comp in the face. I was literally seconds away from doing it to, I heard this voice  yell at me, “Grab your comp and run!”.

So, I listened to that voice and quickly grabbed Elder Esquite and started running. This guy was chasing us! I set Elder Esquite down (I didn’t mean to pick him up…) and we both just started running. He didn’t chase us for much longer so when we felt safe we took a seat and I called the mission President. He asked if we had retaliated in anyway and I told him no. He said that was a good thing because if we had, they probably would have had to close the area. That voice that seemed to yell at me in my mind was the spirit. It was the spirit telling me that this area was not ready to be closed because we still had a lot of work to do here.

We continued to work in the same neighborhood, but we were a little bit more aware of things now. Through out the week, we struggled to find new people but just this past Sunday we were able to put a baptismal date with some investigators who had just moved into the area. We are really being blessed here in our area at the moment. It seemed that the entire week was just going south and then at the last minute God blessed us with a really great new investigator. Sometimes thats just how it is…God will always bless us.

Have a great week everyone!

Elder Justice