Well another week down!

This week was definitely not as exciting as last week, but it was still a really great week for us here in Campana! I think me and Elder Esquite are seriously like the best of friends. He is just the coolest Guatemalteco ever!!!!!!!!!!!! He’s also really starting to pick up on the training well so that means I am doing something right for the most part! He’s also taught me quite a bit as well. He’s taught me spiritually and in other things as well. For example, he taught me how to finish a rubick’s cube! How cool is that?

As far as work goes, we definitely accomplished a lot this week. We went through a lot of the old investigators and some of them still wanted to be old investigators, but there were others that wanted to talk to us again! That instantly filled our teaching pool. We also were visited by a member of the 70 here in South America and he taught us so much. My brain was on a spiritual overload.

Something I learned from him that has really stuck with me was that the Lord really paves the way for us here in this life so that we can accomplish his will. Let me share the example that he shared with us in the meeting. In the opening chapters of the Book of Mormon there is a Prophet by the name of Nefi. Nefi and his family leave their home in Jerusalem and are traveling in the desert. Nefi and his brothers are commanded to return to Jerusalem to gather a set of records that belonged to a man by the name of Laban. Nefi the Prophet tries to get these records from Laban three times but Laban does not want to give these records to Nefi. The first attempt failed. The second attempt ended in Laban robbing them of all their gold and trying to kill them. Then the third time, Nefi finds Laban drunk and is commanded to kill him by the Holy Spirit so that they can obtain the records. So Nefi does what he is commanded and obtained the plates. Many people reading this part of the Book of Mormon for the first time tend to have a little bit of trouble with this part. Why wold the Lord command one of his prophets to kill someone. We learned that Nefi was not commanded to kill Laban, rather he was commanded to enact the law of the land at the time which stated that whoever robbed was put to death. As it turns out that is exactly what happened, Laban robbed Nefi of all of their riches in the second attempt to retrieve the records.

I know that the Lord will always provide a way for us to do what he needs us to do. We are here to serve him. I hope everyone has a great week and remember to count your blessings!

Elder Justice