Well, hello everyone!!!!!!!!! Man this week was something else thats for sure. Full of lots of talking and lots of traveling and interviews with President Smith.

Before I get any further in the letter, I need to give you all an update with some of the people that we have been teaching. So a while back we baptized a little girl by the name of Candela. Her two older brothers are members of the church and now she wanted to be baptized. We got permission from the parents, taught her, and she was baptized. Well, now for an update about the parents. The parents have decided to follow the example of their kids and get married so that they can then be baptized! Their wedding date is set for the 31st of this month and and they have a baptismal date set for the first of April! Its a little ways away but to see the change that they have made in their lives has been such a testimony builder for me. Anyone who knew them before can tell right off the bat that something has changed. There seems to be a happier spirit within their home. It is something that I am so grateful to have witnessed and know that they are going to make a great family within the church! Keep them in your prayers!

Not a whole lot happened this week. One thing that we were able to do was be really bold with the people that we have been teaching to see if they really have desires to progress or no. Sadly enough, many were not ready to make that change that the Lord was asking of them. That…and our top investigator got kicked out of his house and now lives just outside of our area means that we have a lot of finding to do in this coming week.

Elder Esquite is really starting to open up with the people which is awesome! Once he gets going he’s seriously a powerhouse with a really strong testimony. I am definitely one blessed missionary to have the opportunity to train him.

So, Thursday we had interviews with President Smith. They went great! One thing that really stuck with me after my interview was the word, “Desire.” President explained to me that if we really want to lose ourselves in the work of the Lord, we have to have desire to do so first. Little did I know, that would not be the last time that I heard about Desire this week. The next day, Friday, we had a meeting in the mission office. It was a training meeting for all of the new missionaries that have come to the mission within the last two transfers. As you can probably tell, the main topic of this training was “Desire”. Just in this past week my desire was changed a lot. I have taken to time to really think about why I am here serving a mission and what it is that I am doing. Every time I think about it I just feel happy. Its through me and my words that the Spirit of the Lord will have the opportunity to change the lives of those who are willing to listen. When I think of desire now I think of an example in the Book of Mormon. The scripture I want to leave with you guys this week is found in Mosiah 28:3. It talks about the Sons of Mosiah and how strong their desire was to do what they were called to do. We need to take a moment each one of us and think what it is that we are called to do, and what level of desire do we have to complete what it is that we are called to do.

I hope everyone had a great week this past week and hope that everyone has a great week leading up to spring break! We will be working hard here in Campana doing what we have been called to do!

Elder Justice