Well…tonight I find out if I am lucky enough to stay in Campana another transfer! But on the flip side,  being on the mission has really got me into seeing new places and traveling and all that stuff. So I think I will be pretty happy with whatever happens tonight…either way,  it’s a good thing!

This week went pretty well.  I feel like we finished this transfer pretty strong, found a lot of new people, and ended the week with investigators in the chapel. I am happy with what we were able to do but there is always room for improvement.

So we received a reference for the Hermanas in Zarate 4 that really payed of for us! Her name is Maria and she is absolutely great! She’s a single mother with two kids that live with her. What has really been a turning point in the process of teaching her is that about a year back, one of her sons drowned in a nearby river. As she was telling us this, we could see just how much it pained her to even think about it. She loves her family so much and only wants the best for them. We taught her the Plan of Salvation and she seemed to be really engaged through out the entire lesson. That was Friday. We ended up putting a baptismal date with her and then she asked us when the church service was! Elder Esquite and I were seriously floating on cloud 9. It was a miracle to say the least. She was able to make it to church this past week and as she left there was a smile on her face. It wasn’t like any other smile that I have seen her express in the time that we have known her. She came to the Church of Jesus Christ to find happiness in her life that had been filled with sorrow for such a long time, and that is exactly what she found. It’s truly been a blessing getting to know her and being able to teach her that God has a plan for her and her children.

Other then that we had a pretty good week, it seems like all the people that we are finding have a lot of really good potential and a desire to hear the message that we have to share. This week was truly an answer to a lot of prayers that I have been offering for quite some time.

I feel that I have learned a lot this transfer. It was my first transfer as the senior companion and I was training. I hadn’t realized how much I have learned in my time in the mission thus far. But more importantly I realized that I still have a lot to learn on my way to reaching my full potential as a Missionary for the Church of Jesus Christ.

I hope all is going well back home and that you guys enjoy the nice weather before the heat comes! (Things are just starting to cool down here, so nice!!!)

Eder Justice