Well, I am happy to say that I have been blessed to stay here in Campana another 6 weeks!!! That also means that I am going to be able to finish training Elder Esquite which is a pretty fun thing to do as well .

This week went really well! I was pretty sick to start the week but as the days went on I was felt better and better. I think we had to waste a day no more in the pension because I was pretty contagious but with a lot of prayer, our Heavenly Father helped make up for the lost time.

So the Niz family is going to be baptized not this week but the following week. After talking with them as a family we felt impressed that President Smith would to have to interview them before their baptism. Even though Familia Niz is going to have to wait a little while longer to reach baptism, they are still excited to get there and are also finalizing their plans for the wedding this Friday! The looked great in church this past Sunday as well. We gave Rafael a white shirt and tie to wear to Church but he hadn’t worn it to church for some reason. Well this past Sunday he wore it and it was awesome! The are really starting to connect with a family within the ward as well. They actually cancelled one of our visits this past week because they were going on a little outing or something like that with their member friends! It is seriously amazing to see how far they have come. The next step with them is getting them to take their kids to church as well. There are six of them and a lot of the time they just leave them at home while they go to church. That’s going to be our focus with them this week for sure.

We have been working a lot in other parts of our area as well so that has been helping us with our finding efforts and has been showing a lot of results. We were walking down this dirt road last week and there was seriously no one. As we were walking, we past a house and I saw a man sitting kind of hiding behind a tree. I felt a prompting to go and talk to him to see what would happen, so I did. His name is Damian and what would you know, he turned out to be really receptive. We actually ended up teaching him a lesson right there in the middle of the road. We found his house a couple days later and retaught the Restoration to him as well as to his soon to be wife (they have plans to get married) and his sister. We continued talking and it turns out that both of his parents and some of his brothers were baptized in the church a long time ago.

After this experience that we had last week, I can say that my testimony of how the Lord helps us here in the work as long as we are listening to the spirit and ready to act on what we are told. It was great and I have high hopes for Damian and his family, thats for sure.

Well this week went pretty well but I am looking forward to working for a full week and seeing what else it is that the Lord has planned for Elder Esquite and I here in Campana.

Elder Justice