Wow, why do the weeks keep getting faster and faster? Here in Campana its getting colder!!!!!!!!!!! I love the cold!

Well, we finished the week with two awesome sessions of General Conference! Never before in my life have I looked forward to Conference so much and neither have I ever been so sad to see it end. It’s funny because here in the mission its like we are watching the Super Bowl or something when conference rolls around every six months. Luckily, I was able to watch it in English again. I feel that I learned a lot of things that I can apply in my personal life as well as missionary work here in Campana.

This week went really well, work wise. Familia Niz  finally got married! (Forgot the camera so I will get the photos out next week) There wasn’t a lot of people there present at the wedding or at the little fiesta that we held for them in the chapel but you could tell that they were happy with what they were doing. Thursday night we held a family home evening with them. I am not lying when I say this, but I think family home evening really got them motivated the get baptized as soon as possible. We ended up watching the movie, “Joseph Smith, the Prophet of the Restoration” with them. I guess there is a newer version or something because it wasn’t the same movie that I had seen time and time again before. I think this newer version brought the spirit with a lot more power and really covered some key events in the church’s history.

Rafiel absolutely loved it, he wanted to watch it again right after it had finished..jaja. Rosa also took a lot from the experience as well. Before, she was sort of struggling with the concept of Joseph Smith and that there was a prophet here in the earth, but after seeing the first vision play out in front of her on a tv screen I guess helped her a ton with that. I asked here how she felt about the concept of latter day prophets after the movie had finished and she said that it only made sense that there would be a prophet again on the earth. It was a really great experience for them for sure.

Then to wrap things up all of the elders in our district got together to play soccer earlier today and we ended up learning how to play rugby!! Man it was so fun to be able to play again. I am sure I will be feeling a little bit sore in the morning though…jaja.

I hope everyone has a good week!!!!!!!!!!!!

Elder Justice