Well I am still alive everyone! I am writing a little late because the entire mission didn’t have a PDay yesterday but thats chill because we have PDay till lunch today. This week was crazy!!! I was only in my area for about three days of the week. We were traveling all over the place.

So, on Tuesday we went and on divisions with the Zone leaders in Zarate. It was pretty cool to get to know another part of the zone and it was way cool because we put a baptismal date with one of their investigators while we were there! It was also the first time on a bike in the mission. When we were on our way back to the apartment, all the lights went out and people started going crazy in the streets! Elder Yeoman and I just started flying on our bikes to get to where there was light. But then we got a call from the sister and we had to go rescue them because they were stuck in an area that wasn’t the best place to be during a power outage.  So, the Zone Leaders and the District Leaders both live in the same apartment, there were six of us in the apartment at the end of the day…such a fun time!

Then, on Friday we went as a zone to an area called Bardadero for a giant stake activity with a ton of youth. It took like two hours in bus to get there and it was just fields the entire way. The activity was to have a group of the young men and women with two missionary guides to go and do some street contacting. It was pretty fun to see these kids at twelve years old talking to seriously everyone and sharing LDM’s with the people in the street. At like 15:30 we found out that there was only one bus that would get us back to our area and it left at like 16:00! We had to leave our group (there was an adult with them don’t worry) and run to the bus station. We were so far away. We ended up flagging a car down and asking for a ride for the station. This guys said yes!!!!!!! We got to the station at 16:00 and asked if the bus had left yet because it wasn’t there. The lady told us that it was running like an hour behind and wouldn’t be there till 17:00…that was good because there wasn’t anyone from our zone there either. But in the end we all made it back to our areas at like 21:00.

Then yesterday I had the oppritunity of a lifetime to meet Elder Nelson from the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles! He came and talked with our whole mission and with the Buenos Aires west mission as well. It was such an amazing opportunity to hear him speak. My testimony grew so much yesterday. Hearing an apostle testify of Christ and his doctrine was definitely something I will never forget.

Here is a quick update of the people we are working with…

This week went really well! We saw a ton a miracles that I am never going to forget! The first one has to do with Rafiel. He’s had a problem with smoking pretty much his entire life but when we started teaching his daughter a while back, I think thats when things really turned around for him. He and Rosa worked really hard to get married and to help him drop his smoking habit and they have finally done it! They are married and Rafiel hasn’t smoked in like three weeks! Now the next step with them is to get them baptized but there is a complication that we will have to overcome.

The next miracle that I saw was with Liliana. We found her about three transfers back as well but she would not get baptized for some reason, so we ended up dropping her. Just this transfer we decided to start passing by again and it has been going really well! We brought up the topic of baptism and again she wasn’t sure if it was for her. We challenged her to read the LDM and pray about it and then we told her we would pass by the following day to see how it went.  We passed by and as soon as she came out of the door you could tell  something had happened. She told us that she had done what we had told her to do and that she had received an answer. She had a desire to be baptized! That was the first time in my mission so far that something like that has happened. It was really a neat experience.

Well I hope everyone has a great week!

Elder Justice