Hello everyone!!!!

It hasn’t been such a long time since I wrote last Tuesday…but a lot sure has gone on!

For starters, we have what looks like a baptism this coming Saturday! So, for the past two weeks we have been working with a kid named David. He is the son of an older investigator that we started to teach again a while back. One day, we just asked him if he wanted to be baptized and he told us yes…so then we went and asked his mom, she sad yes as well!! He is probably the best investigator I have ever had! Not only does he look forward to our visits, but he remembers the stuff that we are teaching him! I dont think I can put into words how that makes a missionary feel. When someone actually wants to learn and remembers what they are learning, it makes our jobs as missionaries so much more fulfilling. So, he has his baptism scheduled for Saturday and he is about as excitied as I would be to go to the Super Bowl!

We also had interviews at the mission home this past Thursday. That was pretty fun. It took forever though. We didn’t get back to the pension until like 00:30. We were there for probably thirteen hours. It was a way long time, but the following day we got permission to sleep in until like 08:30 so that made up for it.

Oh! I forgot to tell you guys…last week we got bikes!!! It’s so fun being that classic missionary riding around on bikes and all that stuff. All of the kids want to teach us how to do the “wheely” I am learning a little bit…Elder Esquire isn’t the biggest fan but I think its pretty fun. Somehow neither of us have gotten into any wrecks…they’re not kidding when they say that the Lord protects his missionaries.

Well, I don’t really know what else to write about this week other then it was another week here in Campana. This is the last week of the transfer so in a week we will know if I stay here in quiet peaceful Campana or if I am off to explore another part of Buenos Aires! Hope everyone has a great week back home!!!!!!!!!!!

Elder Justice