This week was definitely pretty interesting. Today was transfers and well…I am heading off to Sabio!!! It in the zone that borders Zarate so I wont have to travel that much.

This week was a big week of faith for me. We had to stop teaching familia Niz on Monday. They hadn’t attended church in almost five weeks and the mom was offended that we were having to look into the whole deal with her husband to see if he could be baptized. We dropped them and I have to say that it was one of the hardest things I have done on my mission. I am sure that some time in the future they will make it back to church. I am just a little disappointed that I couldn’t finish what I had started with them.

But, as you probably know…miracles happen when we take a step of faith like that. A couple of days after we dropped them we came across one of our old investigators that had disappeared one transfer ago. So, we are starting to teach him again and it is great. He couldn’t make it to church this past week but I am sure that there is a lot that will come from this blessing.

But the miracles don’t stop there. This past Saturday we were supposed to have the baptism of David. Just days before his last lesson, he got in a fight with his mom and ran away from home. For like a day or so, no one knew where he was. Eventually, he turned up at his grandmothers house. Turns out he is going to be living there pretty much full time. I was so sad, I just did not understand why this was happening at all. But now I can see the blessing behind all of it. The grandmother lives in my new area! I am a little shocked but it’s not the end of the story with David and me. I am way excited to see what happens.

Well, thats really all the time that I have. I will send pics next week because I am a little short on time this week! Wish me luck in Sabio!!!

Elder Justice