Hello people of the world!

Well, it was my first week here in Maquinista Savio! Wow, a lot went down thats for sure. I will just start with my new comp to take things slow. His name is Elder Santos and he’s from Ecuador. He is fresh out of his training but definitely has learned a lot. Like me he has been a member of the church all of his life…kinda. He was inactive for a couple of years but then reactivated and now he’s here in Savio with me! I think he’s like 20 or something like that but I didn’t figure that out until we really started talking.

My new area is definitely a little different then my last one. In my first area, (Villa Soldati) I was in one of the most peligrosas in the mission. Drugs, robbers, all that stuff was as common as the sun rising in the morning and setting at night. In my second area, (Campana) I was in the plains of Argentina. Very peaceful, and very quiet. Well Savio is like a mix of both. It can be a little sketchy at times like Soldati, but theres a ton of great people like back in Campana. The area is huge though, like way huge. This week we have to go and explore a lot of areas because neither Elder Santos or myself know like 50% of the area.

Another cool fact about the area…one of my favorite football players of all time finished his mission here in Savio! Austin Collie who played for BYU a while back served here. When I found this out I was pretty excited. I made sure that we have lunch with all of his converts this week…jaja. Also, the pension is pretty old. For example pretty much all of yesterday and today it has been raining. At like 2300 last night a ton of water falling from the ceiling hit me in the face and woke me up! It was weird. So what did I do, I just moved the bed out of the way of the waterfall coming from the roof and went back to sleep. I think I took care of it this morning. I guess we will find out when we go back to the pension today.

As far as work goes, we really just did a lot of contacting and found some really good investigators. Coming here I also walked in on a baptism. Saturday a 13 year old kid was baptized. He seems really cool and am pumped to get to know him a little better. He was actually a reference from some of the kids in the ward. Its a pretty cool little story. I haven’t been able to find David but we are gonna keep looking. I really feel like I need to find him.

Well I hope everyone has a good week and a Happy Mothers Day this Sunday!!!!!!!!!

Elder Justice