Well let’s see what happened this week. We had to go to the hospital a couple of times. Luckily it wasn’t for me, it was for Elder Santos. It was weird because every time we went to a different clinic for one problem they said that there was another problem that he needed to take care of first! They just kept finding new problems. So as of right now here is what its looking like, in a couple of years he won’t be able to breath out of his right nostril…he might go blind…and he might die of hypothermia…poor guy. But he’s a trooper though that’s for sure!

It was independence day here in Argentina and it was definitely something else. So for all of the national holidays here, they always eat a soup that they call “Locro”. It a corn soup with a bunch of weird stuff in it like pig nose, pig feet, the lining of the pig stomach and then meat. When I went to get my plate of it at the ward activity we had, I was a little weirded out when I found a pig foot in the middle of the soup. I was sitting next to some members that would judge me hard core if I didn’t eat it so I asked them how to eat it, they showed me, and down the hatch it went. Not gonna lie, it was actually really good! After I had cleaned my plate I went back for seconds. The stomach was a little weird texture wise but it wasn’t to bad either.

And well yesterday was my Dads birthday, the big 44!!!!!!!!!!!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY DAD!!!!!!!!!!

I hope everyone has a good week!!

Elder Justice