Well, this is gonna be a little short because I went to an all you can eat asado place today and wow, it was something else!

This week there were a lot of divisions here in the district. It was way fun! I got to know Elder Kane who lives like fifteen minutes from my house!!! He’s an awesome guys and is in the second transfer of his mission. Then, I went on an emergency transfer with Elder Jones. Haha…because I know where the hospital is so well, I took him to go get his ingrown toenail operated on. The operation was wayyyyy interesting. They didn’t put any anesthesia into his toe and you could tell that having the doctor dig into his toe did not feel good at all. It was way cool. Elder Jones is a pretty chill guy too. His birthday is a day after mine so as soon as we found that out we got a long really quick!

Well, this week is the last week of the transfer and we are pretty sure that I will be saying goodbye to my great comp elder santos. He’s a stud and has a bright future as a missionary ahead of him. He worked hard this week, found some new people and had some lessons to teach, which was awesome for us.

I am sorry but thats all I am going to be able to put down this week. TIme to finish this transfer strong!!

Elder Justice