Hello Everyone!!

Sorry but I totally forgot to make a group email the other week. And I also don’t really remember what happened last week so, sorry about that. This week went well and I remembered to make a weekly email so I guess it’s all good.

We worked so hard its crazy this past week. So as of right now we are teaching three people who are on the road to baptism. The first is Antonella, she is 18 and doesn’t really know anything about her past (her parents to be exact) A member in the ward here ended up accepting her as a daughter and at the moment is living there with this family. She is great and really has a desire to turn her life around and accept the Gospel as a part of her life.

The second is Diego. We actually contacted his mother and when we went back for the return visit Diego came out to tell us that she was not gonna be able to talk at the moment. We asked him if he would like to hear our message and since then we have gotten to know and teach him. As of right know he is progressing great and has the goal to be baptized on the 15 of this month!

Then there is Lorenzo. This is truly a miracle. So we got back from our Zone Conference last Friday and we get a text message from one of the members in the ward telling us that she wants us to pass by her house tomorrow if we want someone new to teach. So as missionaries, we passed by the next day. It turns out, the member’s brother who was living in Paraguay just moved to Argentina to live here and find work. He is really a good guy. He left his wife and his daughter behind so he could come here to find work. He also told us that he knows that there is a true church out there somewhere and that he needs to find it in order to help his family back in Paraguay. He even made it to church this Sunday!

Well I hope thats good for this week. Happy early Fourth of July for everyone back home!!!!

Elder Justice