Hello Everyone!!

Well this week was alright! Elder Santos and I were constantly on the move as we went on two different divisions this past week. Both of them were in Garin (the area right next to ours). I went to the hospital again with Elder Jones…that was a blast as usual. I don’t think that he will need to have any more operations on his toes, so that’s a good thing. Elder Santos had a good time with our DL, Elder Villa. The two of them are really great companions and really good friends of ours.

We kinda ended the week a little slow because we both got really sick. First, Elder Santos had some more problems with his nose so it was like bleed for a good couple of hours and then he just felt really weak after, due to the blood lose. Then, as he started to feel better the next day I started to get a little cold. At first it wasn’t too bad but the following day I was wrecked! It was funny because as we were making our way back from lunch I was so out of it that I almost stepped right into a sanga which is like this giant trench near the side of the road that is filled with an un-identified liquid that at times really smells quite bad. But luckily my awesome comp was able to help me make it back to the pension all in one piece.

Well we should be getting the transfer calls sometime today. I am pretty sure I am staying here in Savio. The question is Elder Santos…this is his first transfer here and so that means he could very well be on his way to his next area here soon. Well I guess we will just has to see what happens. I hope everyone has a good week!!

Elder Justice