Hola a todos!!!! Como anda?

Well to start things off, I do have a new comp! His name is Elder Cantos and like my last companion he is also from Ecuador! He is way older then I am (24) but he is way chill and super funny. Before the mission he was the director of an elementary school or something like that so thats pretty cool.

That being said, we really got to work this week. Everyday at ten o´clock we head out to contact until like 1300 when we normally have lunch. In doing so we have gotten to know some pretty cool people. We have a goal of contacting at least 40 people every morning so that we can share 5 copies of the Book of Mormon. It pretty fun to head out in the morning like that to say the least.

We were able to teach a lot of lessons this week, a result from all of the people we talk to in the morning. As we were teaching a lesson, I realized that so many people have one question in common it seems like. The big question of “why”. Why is this happening to my? Why am I here? Why aren’t things going the way I want them to? Everyone has the question why. Specifically in this lesson, our investigator want to know why she had passed through so many struggles with so many things so early in her life. I felt impressed to talk about how our Heavenly Father is perfect, He has a perfect knowledge, a perfect plan, and a perfect love for each and every one of us. I know he knows each and every one of us individually. He knows our divine potential, what we truly can do and accomplish. Sitting there in that one room house I shared that with this struggling young woman. It was definitely a spirit filled moment that I’ll never forget.

But its true, our Heavenly Father knows us perfectly, and loves us perfectly. He wants the best for us and as we go through this life summiting our will to his, we too can discover something of that divine potential that our Heavenly Father sees in each on of us. I hope every has a good week and until next week…nos vemos!!!

Elder Justice