Hola a todos!!!

Bueno…this week was pretty good. We were able to work a lot but like any other week in the mission, it had it’s ups and down.

For starters, we had interviews with President Smith on Friday…so that was great. President is a great man who is  doing a great job as the inspired leader for us here in the mission. I learned a lot and he definitely helped me find some things that I can work on at a personal level to improve as a missionary.

Both Diego and Lorenzo made it to church this week! This week was Diego’s turn to go the the church all by himself. Well he didn’t quite make it by himself but he made it, so thats all good. Lorenzo´s desire to get baptized is growing so much! His nephew is 7 and will be baptized next year. We were playing a little review game and Leo (the nephew) answered a question about the word of wisdom before Lorenzo could and that made him really happy. Then Lorenzo turns to him and says “Oh yeah, well I am gonna be baptized before you!”. Leo just started laughing along with Elder Cantos and I. He is really starting to see the blessings that this gospel has to offer in his life.

A bit of a bummer, we lost Antonela this week. We are not really sure what happened. The member that pretty much adopted her said that she got back together with her boyfriend and returned to her old ways and left the house. You would think that after a year a missionary would get used to this kind of thing but it just gets harder and harder  for me. Something that gave me a bit of hope though is that the member told us that she took her copy of the Book of Mormon with her. When the member asked what she was gonna do with it she told him that she was gonna keep reading it. Walking away from the house that cold rainy night the thought…that bit of hope for her, stuck in my mind. God prepares those who are ready to accept his gospel. Maybe I wont be around to see her make it to the finish line but I was there to start the process.

I know that this church is true. I know that our Lord and Savior loves us more then we can imagine. This is Christ’s church, restored to the earth once more. How great is this opportunity, this blessing, that I have to share the knowledge that I have with the people here. I hope everyone has a great week and for those in Arizona, enjoy your last two weeks of summer break!

Elder Justice