Hola a todos!!!

Sorry about last week…I didn’t have a whole lot of time to write because we threw together an awesome asado with some of the Elders in the district. So, that ate up a good chunk of our P-Day. But I have plenty of time this week so I will try my best to remember all that went down.

To start things off, we had Lorenzo’s baptism on Saturday of last week. It went great and you could really see just how happy the entire family was that he made such a great decision. On Sunday, he was confirmed a member of the Church. The prayer was said wrong so, they started over with the prayer and everything was okay. It turns out that that very Sunday in Elders quorum they had planed to do a practice where they make sure all the Elders in the ward know how to perform the ordinances of the priesthood when they are called to do so. When Lorenzo realized that in his confirmation they messed up his prayer, he raised his hand and asked that because the prayer had to be repeated, did he receive the Holy ghost. Elder Cantos and I got a good laugh and then he was assured that he indeed had earned the right of the company of the Holy Ghost.

This week was pretty cool because a missionary that was serving in another part of Argentina finished his mission and came home on Tuesday. He had scheduled an FHE with his family for the following night. We got there and after getting to know him a little bit he asked us if we believed in fast baptisms. We told him yes and then asked why he would ask us that. He went on to explain that his nine-year old brother had waited for him to return from his mission so that he could be baptized. That night we called our District Leader and set up the interview for Friday and the baptism on Saturday. Both went as perfect as they could’ve gone. It was a pretty funny situation sending a kid who I thought was already a member to have a baptismal interview.

This week I also ate a lot of weird food. The Cubilla family invited us over to try a soup that they eat all the time in Paraguay. I am not sure what the name of it was but I am gonna call it “Organ Soup”. It was a fine broth with a chunks of heart, small intestine, kidney, and stomach lining. The kidney is always a little different for me, no matter how many times I eat it. Other then that it wasn’t all that bad. I actually asked if I could have seconds…jaja. I think some day we are gonna get together and Hermano Cubilla is gonna grill a pig head…that should be awesome!!! Well that’s all for this week…until next week!

Elder Justice