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sodati-“i’m not counting weeks anymore”

Como anda a todos!!

Dang, this week seemed to go by really slow at times, but then out of no where it just ended. It’s weird how that works sometimes. This week we seemed to always be busy with one thing or another.

So to start it off, let’s take a look at what went down on Halloween. Well, I had a leadership meeting up in the mission home and by the time I got back my body just decided not to work anymore. I literally just hit the floor and called the nurse. She said that I was exhausted (she had a fancier name for it) and just told me to rest for the remainder of the day. The next day, I was fine. I honestly think the picture of me passed out on the floor is pretty funny though.

The rest of our week was full of talking to people and teaching people about our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Something that really stood out to me was how we as missionaries share such a unique message with a ton of different people a day and yet, that simple and unique message applies to everyone. There is something for everyone in the gospel of Jesus Christ. The reason why is because we are all sons and daughters of a Heavenly Father who wants us to return and live with him again. He has given us the instructions on how to do that as well. If we decide to do what it takes and follow the gospel of Jesus Christ, we will reach our goal and live with our Heavenly Father again.

I hope everyone has a great week!

Elder Justice



soldati-the church is growing

Hello Everyone!!!

Well, I have to tell you the truth, getting settled back into Soldati has been pretty easy. I am way excited to be here again and to have another opportunity to help the ward. Now that I can understand Spanish a little better and how things work here in the mission, I hope and plan on really finding those who are ready to hear the gospel so they can receive the blessings that their Father in Heaven would want them to have.

Elder Jones is doing good. I got to know him a lot more now actually being his companion and being able to see how he works. Speaking of that, this Elder loves to work. I honestly knew that he was a great person and we get along great but I did not expect him to have such a drive to work and help the people. He is also really quick to strike up a good relationship with the people that we have been teaching over the past week. He loves the people and the people love him. That is very obvious in the way that he works.

So the big news in the ward is that the stake is going to be splitting and two new wards are going to be added. I am not sure if its really going to affect us but it should be pretty interesting. Most of the members still remember me, or at least, some of them have seen me before and we just didn’t really get to know each other because I couldn’t speak Spanish all that well.

We are living with the other companionship of Soldati as well, so that is a blast. Besides Elder Jones and I, we have with us Elder Webb and Elder Chirstensen. Yeah thats right, four gringos are working in Soldati. Its way fun and we all get along great!

I hope everyone has as good of a week that I am going to have!!!

Elder Justice


Well yeah, I am here in Soldati again!! And it gets even better, my good friend Elder Jones is my new comp!! Well to be honest I don’t remember anything from this last week but I am pumped for this coming week! To give you all something, I am gonna include a part of the letter that I sent to President Smith this week.

Something I learned from my last area is something that if I can apply it consistently throughout my life I will be able to really dig deep and pull out my full potential. To be truly honest, my last area was probably the hardest six weeks of my mission so far. My companion and I didn’t click that well, it was a harder area to work and to be honest I think I gave up on myself a little bit there. I know I have worked harder then I did before there and I plan to really learning from my experience there. Constantly, I have to remind myself what it is that I am here to do. I am going to do that though my personal studies and have to keep myself focused. Doing so, I will be able to help the people better and have a better experience overall here in Soldati once more.

It was a long six weeks but I also learned the importance of not giving up, up until Saturday we had nothing and then on Sunday we found a ton of miracles that the Lord had provided for us to finish off the week! I hope you all have a good week!!!!

Elder Justice

san cristobal-crazy futbol

Hello everyone!

This week was pretty chill. We tried our best to find some new people to teach but we came up shorter then we would have liked. It was a little interesting when Argentina played against Peru to get into the world cup next year. Peru ended up winning and everyone on the face of the earth didnt seem to happy about that. That is except for the Peruvianos that seemed to be on top of the world…jaja. Well, I am sorry but I have to go. I hope everyone has a good week. Elder Mauricio and I are gonna work hard so we have some more to write about next week!!

Elder Justice

san cristobal-simplicity

Well…this week really flew by. A lot went on and then we finished the week watching the Saturday and Sunday sessions of conference, so you can definitely say we ended the week on a high note.

We were working hard this week. At one point in the week we had two investigators with baptismal dates but due to certain events they both ended up not only falling through but we also lost any and all contact that we had with them. They were good people who really had desires to follow our Savior Jesus Christ but due to the decisions made by other people they were unable to do so at the moment.

I did have a pretty cool experience in between conference sessions on Sunday though. The sisters working in Palermo had an investigator that needed a baptismal interview so I took care of that. It was interesting to hear this Man’s testimony after only really knowing the church for a total of two weeks. He had a firm testimony of the Restoration of the Gospel of Jesus Christ and of the Prophet, Joseph Smith. He said that it all just made sense, that it was all so simple for him.

Our Heavenly Father wants us to be happy as his sons and daughters in this life. So he gave us a plan that was so simple that to some, it’s just common sense. Others may have to exercise their faith to truly believe that their Heavenly Father truly knows and understands them and desires that they follow the loving plan that he has provided us.

Sometimes we overthink things, thats human nature. If we take a step back at times and look at the simple things. We will be able to see just how much He truly loves us. I hope everyone can do just that this week and see just how much our Heavenly Fathers wants us to return and live with him again one day.

Elder Justice

san cristobal-recent converts

Well hello everyone!

Sorry for the weird email last week. We wanted to get a jump on the work this past week so we cut our P-day short and went out to visit some investigators. It payed off too! We found four new people to teach!

We had a busy week.  We were really focused on teaching and finding new people. It wasn’t just us either, the mission had a goal of finding 500 new investigators this past week and we found 503! Thats pretty awesome! Elder Mauricio and I were working on getting to know the recent converts in the ward and trying to find people through them. It worked! The recent converts here are all the best people and love helping us find others to teach. The funny thing is, none of them are from Argentina. There are two from Haiti, one from Columbia, one from Peru and one from Israel. They may be from different parts of the world but they all love helping us share the gospel!

There was a combined service project this week with all of the zones from Capital Saturday as well so I got to see Elder Ryan and Elder Leavitt again as well as some other good mission buddies. Well, we have another week ahead of us and I am looking forward to see what we can do here! Have a good week everyone!

Elder Justice


san cristobal-gospel and families

Hello All…

Sorry but this is gonna have to be quick. We have a some lessons in a couple of hours and I need to cut my hair before that. This week went well, we worked a ton! We talked to a ton of people and did almost all that we could to find new investigators but…to no avail. I think, in this area we are going to need to work a lot through the members and the references that we can get from them. Luckily, we were able to set a good number of appointments for today and the rest of this week so there has to be someone in this little group that is going to be able to progress.

This Sunday, I was asked to give a talk in the ward and it went really well. It was on how the family is affected by the gospel. I don’t know if those in the congregation could feel the same spirit that I was feeling up there at the pulpit, but it was a great feeling to tell you the truth. There was also a member from Utah on his way to the states that said he would give you a call. He was here for work during the week. I hope I gave him the right phone number so he can contact you.

With his work clothes on,
Elder Justice

san cristobal-big city

Wow…what happened? So Last monday the transfer call came in. I was told that I would be opening an area in Capital. My assigned area now is San Cristobal, its a pretty cool area to be honest! It’s right in the middle of Capital so there is a lot going on always. Its also wayyyy different then Savio. All of the people here live in apartment buildings, there are hardly any houses. There are also a lot of universities in our area, so there are a ton of different people from all over the world!

My new companion is Elder Mauricio from Peru. He is a really cool guy. He is 18 and just barley turned six months in the mission. He’s got a really sarcastic side to him so we are always laughing for some reason or another…jaja.

Opening an area is pretty tricky. When I say “opening an area” I mean both me and my companion are new to the area. We had to call a couple of people to learn a couple of things about the area but I think we have the basics down now. President also assigned me to be the District Leader here. So far, its been really fun getting to know all of the missionaries in the district and trying to help them the best I can. As a District Leader, I have to interview all of the people that are wanting to be baptized in our district to make sure that they are ready to make such an important covenant with our Heavenly Father. I had my first interview this Saturday with the elders that are working in the villa 31. (The villa 31 is the biggest villa I think I will ever seen. jaja…so cool!!!). It went well and was a really cool experience. This Tuesday, I will be doing divisions with the Elders that work there in the Villa so I will tell you all about that great adventure next week.

Other then that our week was full of getting to know all of our area and how it is that we are going to start finding people to teach here. Its a busy city so finding people to stop and talk to us is a little tricky but we should be getting the hang of it this week! Wish us luck!

Elder Justice


Como Estan!!!!

Well, this week was a basic missionary week. We focused a lot on opening our mouths every chance we got to share a testimony whenever the circumstances permitted. We focused our tracting efforts in this one little nehiborhood that we have in our area and we found a lot of good people to start teaching!

One thing that I learned from our finding efforts this week was the importance of diligence. Every morning that we went out to street contact and knock doors it seemed like we wouldnt find anything for the first 15-20 minutes. But as we continued to do what we knew we had to do we found someone who was willing to listen to us! But the tricky part was sticking with it until we eventually found someone. This goes for anything and almost anything in life. If we keep doing something, eventually we will see the results. The key is not giving up. If we had given up knocking doors or street contacting who knows, the next house or the next person could have listened to what we had to share!

Transfers come in tonight at like 2030 so we will see what happens with that. I think that my time in Savio is coming to an end. I would be way excitied though if I could stay though. I love the area and the ward is full of a lot of good people. Well we will see what happens next week I guys, I hope you all have a good week!

Elder Justice


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