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¡Hola a todos¡ ¿Como fue la semana pasada?

Elder Cantos and I had a good week here in Savio. We started working in a couple different parts of our area that we found earlier on in the week, that has really helped us find new people to teach. Elder Cantos and I were also pretty sick this week. I got some kind of rough food poisoning and was in the bathroom for a day and a half. Elder Cantos hasn’t been sleeping in a bed for the past five weeks so his back was jacked up for a day. But he has a bed now so its all good.

Well, sadly we didn’t have a baptism this past Saturday. Diego invited his mom to the baptism and she didn’t like that idea a whole lot. She talked him out of it for this week. We are going to pass by this week so see what we can do. Lorenzo is going strong and is preparing for this Saturday. Everyone is really excited for it, so that’s always a good thing.

Well I am getting around to writing this email a little late so I am gonna have to cut this one a little short. I want to end this email with my testimony of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. I know He lives. I know that it is through Him that we are going to be able to live with our Heavenly Father again should we choose to follow His teachings. His love for us is greater than we can imagine and He wants us to return to Him. I know this is His Church restored to the earth once again.

I hope everyone has a great week and shout out this week goes to my little brother Sam who I am honored to say will be wearing my old Varsity football jersey going into this coming football season. What a stud!! #38

Elder Justice


savio-el presidente

Hola a todos!!!

Bueno…this week was pretty good. We were able to work a lot but like any other week in the mission, it had it’s ups and down.

For starters, we had interviews with President Smith on Friday…so that was great. President is a great man who is  doing a great job as the inspired leader for us here in the mission. I learned a lot and he definitely helped me find some things that I can work on at a personal level to improve as a missionary.

Both Diego and Lorenzo made it to church this week! This week was Diego’s turn to go the the church all by himself. Well he didn’t quite make it by himself but he made it, so thats all good. Lorenzo´s desire to get baptized is growing so much! His nephew is 7 and will be baptized next year. We were playing a little review game and Leo (the nephew) answered a question about the word of wisdom before Lorenzo could and that made him really happy. Then Lorenzo turns to him and says “Oh yeah, well I am gonna be baptized before you!”. Leo just started laughing along with Elder Cantos and I. He is really starting to see the blessings that this gospel has to offer in his life.

A bit of a bummer, we lost Antonela this week. We are not really sure what happened. The member that pretty much adopted her said that she got back together with her boyfriend and returned to her old ways and left the house. You would think that after a year a missionary would get used to this kind of thing but it just gets harder and harder  for me. Something that gave me a bit of hope though is that the member told us that she took her copy of the Book of Mormon with her. When the member asked what she was gonna do with it she told him that she was gonna keep reading it. Walking away from the house that cold rainy night the thought…that bit of hope for her, stuck in my mind. God prepares those who are ready to accept his gospel. Maybe I wont be around to see her make it to the finish line but I was there to start the process.

I know that this church is true. I know that our Lord and Savior loves us more then we can imagine. This is Christ’s church, restored to the earth once more. How great is this opportunity, this blessing, that I have to share the knowledge that I have with the people here. I hope everyone has a great week and for those in Arizona, enjoy your last two weeks of summer break!

Elder Justice

savio-a lot of work

Hello Everyone!!

Sorry but I totally forgot to make a group email the other week. And I also don’t really remember what happened last week so, sorry about that. This week went well and I remembered to make a weekly email so I guess it’s all good.

We worked so hard its crazy this past week. So as of right now we are teaching three people who are on the road to baptism. The first is Antonella, she is 18 and doesn’t really know anything about her past (her parents to be exact) A member in the ward here ended up accepting her as a daughter and at the moment is living there with this family. She is great and really has a desire to turn her life around and accept the Gospel as a part of her life.

The second is Diego. We actually contacted his mother and when we went back for the return visit Diego came out to tell us that she was not gonna be able to talk at the moment. We asked him if he would like to hear our message and since then we have gotten to know and teach him. As of right know he is progressing great and has the goal to be baptized on the 15 of this month!

Then there is Lorenzo. This is truly a miracle. So we got back from our Zone Conference last Friday and we get a text message from one of the members in the ward telling us that she wants us to pass by her house tomorrow if we want someone new to teach. So as missionaries, we passed by the next day. It turns out, the member’s brother who was living in Paraguay just moved to Argentina to live here and find work. He is really a good guy. He left his wife and his daughter behind so he could come here to find work. He also told us that he knows that there is a true church out there somewhere and that he needs to find it in order to help his family back in Paraguay. He even made it to church this Sunday!

Well I hope thats good for this week. Happy early Fourth of July for everyone back home!!!!

Elder Justice


Hola a todos!!!! Como anda?

Well to start things off, I do have a new comp! His name is Elder Cantos and like my last companion he is also from Ecuador! He is way older then I am (24) but he is way chill and super funny. Before the mission he was the director of an elementary school or something like that so thats pretty cool.

That being said, we really got to work this week. Everyday at ten o´clock we head out to contact until like 1300 when we normally have lunch. In doing so we have gotten to know some pretty cool people. We have a goal of contacting at least 40 people every morning so that we can share 5 copies of the Book of Mormon. It pretty fun to head out in the morning like that to say the least.

We were able to teach a lot of lessons this week, a result from all of the people we talk to in the morning. As we were teaching a lesson, I realized that so many people have one question in common it seems like. The big question of “why”. Why is this happening to my? Why am I here? Why aren’t things going the way I want them to? Everyone has the question why. Specifically in this lesson, our investigator want to know why she had passed through so many struggles with so many things so early in her life. I felt impressed to talk about how our Heavenly Father is perfect, He has a perfect knowledge, a perfect plan, and a perfect love for each and every one of us. I know he knows each and every one of us individually. He knows our divine potential, what we truly can do and accomplish. Sitting there in that one room house I shared that with this struggling young woman. It was definitely a spirit filled moment that I’ll never forget.

But its true, our Heavenly Father knows us perfectly, and loves us perfectly. He wants the best for us and as we go through this life summiting our will to his, we too can discover something of that divine potential that our Heavenly Father sees in each on of us. I hope every has a good week and until next week…nos vemos!!!

Elder Justice

savio-transfers coming

Hello Everyone!!

Well this week was alright! Elder Santos and I were constantly on the move as we went on two different divisions this past week. Both of them were in Garin (the area right next to ours). I went to the hospital again with Elder Jones…that was a blast as usual. I don’t think that he will need to have any more operations on his toes, so that’s a good thing. Elder Santos had a good time with our DL, Elder Villa. The two of them are really great companions and really good friends of ours.

We kinda ended the week a little slow because we both got really sick. First, Elder Santos had some more problems with his nose so it was like bleed for a good couple of hours and then he just felt really weak after, due to the blood lose. Then, as he started to feel better the next day I started to get a little cold. At first it wasn’t too bad but the following day I was wrecked! It was funny because as we were making our way back from lunch I was so out of it that I almost stepped right into a sanga which is like this giant trench near the side of the road that is filled with an un-identified liquid that at times really smells quite bad. But luckily my awesome comp was able to help me make it back to the pension all in one piece.

Well we should be getting the transfer calls sometime today. I am pretty sure I am staying here in Savio. The question is Elder Santos…this is his first transfer here and so that means he could very well be on his way to his next area here soon. Well I guess we will just has to see what happens. I hope everyone has a good week!!

Elder Justice


Well, this is gonna be a little short because I went to an all you can eat asado place today and wow, it was something else!

This week there were a lot of divisions here in the district. It was way fun! I got to know Elder Kane who lives like fifteen minutes from my house!!! He’s an awesome guys and is in the second transfer of his mission. Then, I went on an emergency transfer with Elder Jones. Haha…because I know where the hospital is so well, I took him to go get his ingrown toenail operated on. The operation was wayyyyy interesting. They didn’t put any anesthesia into his toe and you could tell that having the doctor dig into his toe did not feel good at all. It was way cool. Elder Jones is a pretty chill guy too. His birthday is a day after mine so as soon as we found that out we got a long really quick!

Well, this week is the last week of the transfer and we are pretty sure that I will be saying goodbye to my great comp elder santos. He’s a stud and has a bright future as a missionary ahead of him. He worked hard this week, found some new people and had some lessons to teach, which was awesome for us.

I am sorry but thats all I am going to be able to put down this week. TIme to finish this transfer strong!!

Elder Justice


savio-awesome soup

Well let’s see what happened this week. We had to go to the hospital a couple of times. Luckily it wasn’t for me, it was for Elder Santos. It was weird because every time we went to a different clinic for one problem they said that there was another problem that he needed to take care of first! They just kept finding new problems. So as of right now here is what its looking like, in a couple of years he won’t be able to breath out of his right nostril…he might go blind…and he might die of hypothermia…poor guy. But he’s a trooper though that’s for sure!

It was independence day here in Argentina and it was definitely something else. So for all of the national holidays here, they always eat a soup that they call “Locro”. It a corn soup with a bunch of weird stuff in it like pig nose, pig feet, the lining of the pig stomach and then meat. When I went to get my plate of it at the ward activity we had, I was a little weirded out when I found a pig foot in the middle of the soup. I was sitting next to some members that would judge me hard core if I didn’t eat it so I asked them how to eat it, they showed me, and down the hatch it went. Not gonna lie, it was actually really good! After I had cleaned my plate I went back for seconds. The stomach was a little weird texture wise but it wasn’t to bad either.

And well yesterday was my Dads birthday, the big 44!!!!!!!!!!!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY DAD!!!!!!!!!!

I hope everyone has a good week!!

Elder Justice


Well hellos to everyone!!!

Man, how weird it is to hear that school is getting ready to end and another wave of missionaries are getting ready to head out! Shout out to all the graduating seniors with mission calls who are getting ready to start the best time of their lives this summer.

Well, this week was special…we didn’t do a whole lot due to medical problems. But you will be happy to hear that it wasn’t me this time! Elder Santos has a little issue with his nose. He’s an ex-kickboxer so his nose has always been a little bit of an issue. Well this week it was a little more then just an issue. We had to stay in the pension for like three days because he was having problems breathing through his nose and because of that, he had a pretty bad head ache. We went to to hospital to get an x-ray and it turns out that his right nostril is like 70% shut…thats not good. We don’t know if it will require surgery but were hoping it’ll be something that he can fight off until after his mission.

So because nothing really happened this week I will give a little more background info on the new area. So for starters, we have Elder Santos. As I said he’s an ex-kickboxer so thats awesome. Like me he has been a member for his entire life. (20 years). Un-like me, he was suspended from church membership twice in his life. With that being said, he is way sensitive to the Spirit and is one of the most spiritual missionaries I have ever known. Coming from Ecuador he gets cold way easily and well, the fact that winter is starting to roll around is really starting to take a toll on him. Overall, he’s a beast!

As far as families in the ward go, I have gotten to know the Familia Ledesma really well. The husband has been a member all of his life but the wife was baptized the week before I got here. They are awesome! They have two kids, Gabby and Leo. Gabby is eight and Leo is 7…they are my new best friends. Gabby is a little special because not only has he had to deal with growth defects his entire life but his kidneys don’t function like they should. For the past couple of years, he has had to have a tube in his nose…but that sure doesn’t stop him from being one of the happiest kids I have ever known.

Well there is more but that’s all I really have time for this week. Hope everyone has a good week!!!

Elder Justice


savio-mother’s day

Hello Everyone!

Well there goes another week here in Savio! To tell you the truth, this week went alright. We did a lot of finding and a lot of contacting but even after a hard week of work sometimes you come a little bit short at the end of the week. There’s nothing to do but to settle into the harness and keep working.

I was able to call home for Mothers Day yesterday!!! Man was it great to get to talk to the family again. They are all doing great! I was asked during our call how my brothers should prepare for their missions in the coming years. As I sat there thinking, I came up with something. This is what I would like to share with all of you.

As I was thinking how to prepare for a mission, the first thought that came to my mind was “there is no way anyone can really be prepared to serve a mission”. But as I continued to think,  I realized that you can be prepared in a way. What the mission does is, it demands improvement. In doing this you are going to fall sometimes, your are going to feel like you have failed and that you are never going to be able to be the missionary that you were meant to be. In times like these, I have found that my relationship with Jesus Christ and my Heavenly Father have been key in helping me keep my head up and  working. In order to prepare for a mission, start working on the relationship with our Heavenly Father. I cannot even begin to explain how far that relationship will start to carry you in your hardest and saddest days.

Well, that is the challenge that I want to leave with all of you this week. Work on building that relationship with our Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ and you will see just how far it will carry you when you really need it.

Elder Justice

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